Mets Lose a Wild One 6-4 in St. Louis 4/21 09

All the way around this was a strange game. Poor Daniel Murphy was exposed again in left field (and picked off of first). He is tough he’ll be able to handle it. Look for a late inning replacement for him daily from here on out.


The Mets did not strand as many as usual, and played a great first half of the game. Once again, Oliver Perez was consistently inconsistent. I liked him pitching to Pujols with guys on base, though the St. Louis announcers couldn’t believe it. In fact, they can’t believe when anyone pitches to him (though they cry when he is pitched around- go figure).


Play(s) of the game – two thrown out runners at home, one on an extremely wide turn and another who failed to slide (or knock Molina on his butt).


Observation    The Mets are a relatively soft team. I wonder how Wiggy softwould have handled Beltran’s play at the plate. Hate to say it folks, cover your eyes this will hurt, but Utley, Victorino, Howard, Rollins, and even Bruntlett would have nailed Molina – a perfectly legal play.


Hey, but you know what folks, it’s April and these games don’t count as losses in the standings!!!!!!!



Posted by Gene Anthony


16 responses to “Mets Lose a Wild One 6-4 in St. Louis 4/21 09

  1. I screamed bloody murder when he didn’t take out Molina. What is this, beer league softball? I’m surprised he didn’t stop between third and home and pick him some flowers.

    Maybe the issue is Jerry being too gentle and the coaches being too soft. I don’t mean not working them hard enough, but I mean having the “we’re going to dominate and I don’t care if you tear up an airplane” attitude.

  2. The other side of the coin is that you can’t force certain players to play tough. Maybe it was a good thing that Beltran didn’t hit Molina since he may have broken 6 bones.

  3. Maybe him playing tentative is what gets him hurt in the first place. I’m also pissed at Murphy for not running Molina over. He did a dangerous flip instead.

    This team is Molina’s bitch. He hits a homer to start this mess in the first place and then just sit on home and dares them to run him over. Sad…

  4. Can’t teach someone to be tough..Daniel is the Closest we have to being tough, they need to get a tough one from somewhere or a fun-nut job like Swisher..this team lacks having fun and toughness..
    NOW after this tough loss bet ya they will be wound tighter than ever.

    Go Mets, all we can say.

    Good Lord, Yadier Molina..makes me sick-ish.
    It is Yadier right? ha ha

  5. Kay… totally right. They’ve had some jokers on the team, but none in the starting lineup. Johan and Sheffield are probably the two toughest guys on the team.

    Many players are soft in this league..I’m not sure who you can get.

  6. personally i’m more upset with razor shines sending beltran (and murphy earlier in the game) than beltran’s non slide. look to me like he got caught in between and couldnt make up his mind.

    i dont think either time was a good time to run for the plate. the left side for st louis have good arms and had the mets easily both times. i know they’re struggling with RISP but you gotta trust wright (in murphy’s case) and church (beltran) in those spots.

  7. btw, Kay, i’ve had a feeling since last offseason murphy is in the outfield only as a showcase. i think f-mart is their ideal corner outfielder and they’re hoping a team looking for a future 1b or 3b will bite on murphy. i can picture toronto, houston or san diego having interest.

  8. Yes, I have said a few times dont be stunned if he is dealt..I have no clue where but feel it is possible..I wont like it much Z…

  9. as with any trade, i need to see who comes back. i really think a trade centered around murphy can bring back an all-star, so i need to see who it is.

    one thing i’ll bet on: either murphy or fernando martinez will not be with the mets organization come 8/1 unless both land on the dl.

  10. Part of the game I dont like, but thats female.

    Funny too when you take to a player.

    When my daughter was small she liked Mora, explaining to her where he went overnight was “hard”.

    She still likes to watch a game when he is in town.

  11. My first hard one to lose as a kid was Hubie Brooks for Carter. The one that hurt me the most was Cone in 91 because it made no sense and to me it ended the 80’s era for good. I couldn’t watch the Mets for most of the next season.

    I can see Martinez, Holt (or someone like him) and another player going to Toronto in July… I really can. Maybe for a little pitching….

  12. Mine was Mazzilli – he was my favorite player growing up and had no clue what the Mets saw in Terrill and Darling – lol. Believe it or not, Bob Bailor hit me hard as well. He was a great role player.

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