Mets lose again 4/22/09

Smoking is what all the cool kids are doing

I wanted to sleep on this one before I posted some thoughts and there’s nothing brilliant waiting for me this morning but the sun outside. Cy Pineiro easily manhandled our beloved softball uniform wearing team, but at least did it nice and quick so we could all get back to our lives. I’ve got to tell you, a DVR is a must while watching a Mets game. First of all, the commercials are insufferable. No longer will I ever have to be abused by images of some nasty old woman with no fingers or some fake doctor showing lung puss to get me to stop doing something I’ve never done. Or even more vile, no longer will I have to endure Ollie Perez in real time. But I Digress…

How am I giving up 5 runs a game?

John Maine confuses the hell out of me. He throws 95, has a swing and miss fastball, is relatively smart and somehow always gives up 5 runs in 5 innings. I can’t explain it… usually pitchers that give up that many runs look like Ollie or Livan Hernandez. John Maine looks like an ace that gets hit if that makes any sense. The one thing I don’t see is composure and maybe someday that will come.


Some random thoughts:

  • Fidel Castro has a nice arm and should start so long as he can stay healthy. Unless Brian Schneider starts channeling Jerry Grote, there is no reason we need two pitchers in the lineup. That being said, I could do a better job blocking the plate.
  • A continuation on the above thought. I think the coaching staff needs to look deeper into the fear this team has. I’ve seen Castillo (yes, he’s no longer Gimp. .400 hitters who are clearly busting it get my respect) & Wright dive for balls, but how many clean uniforms do they see come the end of the game? I don’t see plate blocking, knocking out the catcher, outfield dives, hard take-outs of the second basemen, knock down pitches etc. THAT to me is very telling and I’m not sure how you fix that. Maybe you fine a player in a kangaroo court every time they girl scout a play.
  • Dave Duncan is a GREAT asset to Tony Larussa. He is in charge of positioning fielders and it was uncanny how every sharp hit the Mets had was right at some Cardinal who’d catch it without moving an inch. I love Jerry, Razor and all the “Gangstas”, but I’m starting to miss having an intellectual manager & meticulously prepared staff (Bobby V).

Overall, this game sucked. It was fast, boring and our team played like Larussa gave them a script. There’s not much more to say other than please don’t get swept today.

Non Mets thoughts:

I take ecstasy before each show and it takes everything in me not to go hump Boomer

The WFAN morning show is slowly growing unlistenable unless you download interviews from Craig Carton’s infatuation with housewives is ridiculously creepy and uninteresting and his ego is growing to Sid Rosenburg levels.

It’s like a really bad cover of Howard Stern with less sexy people doing less perverted things in a completely inappropriate context to the wrong audience. Also, their infatuation with interviewing every C- List celebrity that picks up the phone is tiring.  Half the time you don’t even realize the show is about sports.

He's not racist, he just knows what you're thinking based on the color of your skin


At least NY radio is minus one idiot as Steven A Smith is finally moving on.  ESPN decided that his racist rants aren’t pulling in ratings so suddenly he’s gone from edgy and urban to insulting and unprepared.  They need the time slot free so they can pipe in more national broadcast focusing on midwest college football teams.

 Posted By Nik Kolidas


9 responses to “Mets lose again 4/22/09

  1. The thing that makes last night tough as a met fan is because you’re impartial, you’re not really sure if the hitters were lethargic or if the pitcher was on his game. I’d lean towards the latter last night, but there’s something troubling about the mets at bats. it’s too early for them to be pressing.

    and looking at the standings and how many contenders are starting slow, i have to wonder how much fault lies in the WBC. i’d love to see some sort of research done on winning teams and the % of players the teams with winning records right now had in the wbc.

  2. You might be right about the WBC. As far as the bats though… they are all hitting .300 or close to it. It’s just that FINAL hit never seems to come. I agree it’s troubling.

    Do you see anything in my point about blocking the plate & getting the uniforms dirty? It seems to me it’s that final touch of effort that often is the difference between a team that overpowers and a team that would rather lose than hurt feelings.

  3. It’s either really bad luck or the players are tight. Not picking on individual guys, but Wright comes up late in the game with no one on and looks like a totally different hitter (yes, I know it was his 4th AB versus the same pitcher). We also have doubles with guys on first and can’t score them -this team is just off. Last night’s game was really the first one, this year, that the Mets just flat out lost -they were never really in the game, nor did they have a couple runs in their pocket.

  4. BTW, Maine is a confusing guy – you almost wish he was not so smart. The best pitchers that I ever played with, some of which played pro ball, were stupid as shit. Maine is like Darling in that he gives the hitter too much credit. Sometimes you have to throw the ball right down the middle, trust yourself, and let the hitter get himself out.

  5. How do you explain Perez then? We haven’t had a player drool at the mouth like that since Derek Bell.

    Actually.. I think most of our aces over the years have been pretty sharp. Seaver, Cone, Santana, Pedro..

  6. Well Nik as far as the commercials go, so you know, its a good thing for me because with these games all I can think of is lighting up or getting drunk……And I very much need to keep my hands!


    PS they are beyond disgusting.

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