Take Sheff Off the “Tough” List

The other day I posted that the Mets need to be tougher. This followed the Beltran play at the plate where he was “too close” to slide. I inferred that we needed more guys like Sheffield.

Scratch that. In the 4th inning of today’s game, Sheff had a chance to beat out an infield hit, in a 1-1 game, by taking out LORD PUJOLS but didn’t. He gently grabbed him by the waist, as he stood right in the baseline. Ironically, the Mets announcers went bananas about the lack of contact in this team even noting that Pujols scolds Cardinal players for not taking out players from the other team.

I’m talking about clean take outs here folks, not dirty plays or AROD pushing gloves to make the ball slip out. Good news for Cardinal fans is that Pujols stayed in the game, is allowed to stand directly in the baseline, and just scored the go ahead run (and later hit his 2nd HR of the game).

I wonder what Ray Fosse would think of today’s cupcakes???

posted by Gene Anthony


2 responses to “Take Sheff Off the “Tough” List

  1. Why not skip one? F it, ignore them as they have ignored us – leave the blog stranded on third. You were going to post but you were to close to the computer to type. Leave this one out – it will be the slump buster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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