Game Recap 4/23/09 – Girl Scout Cookies Get’cha Girl Scout Cookies

Sweetchuck says... play nice!

I defy anyone to argue this point… the Mets players are afraid of body contact and they’re afraid to win.  WTF happened to this team in 2006 to make them like this?  The brash team everyone hated has turned into a bunch of school girls who squeal at the sight of a mouse.  They are the league’s most talented overall team with a very talented starting four and the best bullpen in the league.  Also, almost everyone is hitting over .300 and yet… they continue to lose.  It’s almost mind-blowing.

Forget a 25th man, we need a first one


They collectively refuse to do what it takes to win.  They are literally afraid to win.  I haven’t seen a Met take out a catcher in AGES.  Nobody hits the dirt so all hitters are comfortable and only a couple of players ever leave the game with a dirty uniform.  Imagine if David Wright pulled a Ray Knight and knocked out Molina on 3rd base?  It would never happen.  I’m not advocating violence, but c’mon people… where are the men?




Notes from today’s satisfying performance:

  1. The team can’t maximize opportunities as usual.  The Cards pitching tried again and again to give the game back.  In the end they almost did.
  2. Larussa’s team makes the most of their breaks
  3. Prince Albert loves Livan’s softballs
  4. Bottom of the 6th while it was 7-3, no dive by Reyes on a ball with his reach and that runner scored
  5. Nice comeback when the pressure was off
  6. We need better starting pitching bla bla bla

I’ve got nothing else… say goodnight Gracie!

Posted By Nik Kolidas


10 responses to “Game Recap 4/23/09 – Girl Scout Cookies Get’cha Girl Scout Cookies

  1. Marcus… you are one million percent correct. Players today are much more refined athletically than players from the past but there isn’t one pansy ass team around that would be able to beat any of the championship teams of the 70’s & 80’s. I really believe that. The moment an old school runner took out a catcher, they’d probably be a lot of crying going around…

    I don’t know how you fix this really. The NFL doesn’t seem to have this issue…

  2. Thus far the team is playing awful. Moreover, I have a notion that the Wilponzi’s and Omar best pull a trick or two out their behinds or perhaps after June the new home of AMAZIN will be a ghost towm.

  3. I ask myself once in a while..Was it “better” when the teams out and out stunk…or this?

    25 games back in July sitting in a metal seat on a 100 degree day…Great place to tan. Honest, I think it was more fun. We expected nothing and got nothing. Oh well. They will turn this around. Jerry has a plan to beat the Nats..Good Lord.

  4. noticed to as Pujols was taking second on a walk to a batter, Cora patting him on the back.

  5. I surpised Cora didn’t ask him to be the godfather of his kid. No wait that was Reyes and the Fish.

    Really… if I were Manuel I’d stop it. I can’t understand why he can’t just stop it in it’s tracks. Tell them you chat with or give love to another player during a game, you sit.

    Geeze… where is the baseball I grew up with?

  6. Funny thing is that the other teams would love to clean the clocks of the met players. Talking shit during the Marlins series last year and this year too. Our guys have become punching bags. Send Perez out there to nail a guy in the back, get him thrown out and move on. Wait a sec, Perez would miss and throw it right down the middle.

  7. Millionaires playing baseball……My dad had a cousin in Brooklyn that worked in a factory with a few dodgers..imagine this today?

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