Preemptive Strike!

Hello Everybody!

Ok, There is about a million things I should be doing this morning rather than thinking about how a bunch of overpaid ladies can be better equipped for this season, but that is the plight of not only Met fans, but all of MLB. In our case, we have some serious issues here and I don’t think the GM needs to see much more to start making an appointment with DR Changeitup.

I have some ideas to address the couple of fatal flaws on the team and I’d like your feedback

No Consistent Starting Pitching:

With all the aces being available in July at the same time, I wonder if some team would want to make a preemptive strike and trade right now… right away. Maybe it’s too early for Toronto (that’s my target), but San Diego and Houston might listen if the price is right. Think about it… someone will get pennies on the dollar if there are five aces on the market at once. We have too many outfielders, too many talented and inconsistent young pitchers (one or two is fine, but three??) and a few hyped prospects. We CAN pull off a deal. Tell me Ryan Church, John Maine & Fernando Martinez can’t get me a big time pitcher right now to slot behind Johan and take pressure off Pelfrey? I’d love to trade Perez before Maine, but nobody would be crazy enough to take him. It would also free up right for a Tatis/ Sheffield split (they both need time off to be effective). It’s less offense than we have now, but this isn’t working anyway.

Next… One more start for Perez and if he isn’t together, send that space cadet to AAA or DL him until he’s ready to figure it out. I’d also let Livan be the long man and spot start him against less patient teams. Freddie Garcia is getting better and should be given his crack at #5. Let *gasp* Redding or Figgy sit at #4 until Ollie has reverted back or July comes. We don’t need 5 Santanas, just give me 6 innings and 3 runs. Imagine for the sake of argument Santana, Oswalt/ Peavy/ Halladay & Pelfrey starting games for us.

No guts:

Start to call players out for not being more aggressive. Fine them for not running down a catcher. ORDER pitchers to knock down a hitter until it becomes second nature. Have video of players not diving for things they should have gotten looped in the clubhouse the next day for the whole team to watch again and again. They’ll start to hate being on those videos.

Overmatched Coaching:

Pack Hojo & Warthen’s bags. I love the 80’s teams to death, but this RISP crap started the moment he walked into the building. Wright hasn’t been right since then either (I know he’s his mentor… I can’t explain it). Warthen got a lot of credit for turning around Perez last year, but this staff has been bad for too long. I’d get intellectual coaches in here that have books like Dave Duncan (I was very jealous). I’m not sure who you can get at this stage so maybe I’d rethink this if I knew my options. Come July, if Bobby V is out there… things could get interesting.

That would be where I’d start with more changes coming in July or as needed.

What do you think?

Posted By Nik Kolidas


2 responses to “Preemptive Strike!

  1. couple of points. First, not sure I’d try and pull the trigger on a trade just yet, although I would tinker with what we have. Without a doubt, I see Perez going to the minors to re-focus. Let him get pissy, we have him for 3 years, he’ll get over it. I still like the signing believe it or not. Regarding the coaches, it’s tough to pin this on them. I think you do seeing glaring deficiencies when you compare them to Tony and Dave Duncan, but Christ they are the best in the business. Look at what has happened to Bobby Cox since Leo Mazzone left. Tony and Duncan are unreal – STL had no business winning 80 something games last year and they did.

  2. Totally true about the coaches. You just have to wonder if Larussa & Duncan are the only two people in this world that can do that. I never noticed it until this Cards series. It’s pretty drastic.

    As far as the trade idea… I have a feeling we’re going that route anyway come July. We need a pitcher and with so many planning to be out there, I figure why wait?

    As far as Perez, your guess is as good as mine. I don’t think we have enough info on his exact mental problem to be able to find just the right thing to do. I just hope the team has people in place that have the ability to evaluate that.

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