Santana and the Mets Win 4-3 (4/24/09)

aceJohan Santana, and the Mets, took care of business tonight with a 4-3 win over the Nationals, thanks in part to a couple of ill advised diving plays in the Nats outfield. Johan was close to brillant – in control the entire night.

Believe it or not, game ball goes to Jerry “the gangsta” santwho could have easily tightened up tonight and pushed Johan another inning (or two) but stuck to his guns and took him out after 6 with 100 plus pitches. The bullpen looked great, even with KROD’s fat fastball to Flores for a bomb!

This was as close to a “must win” that you will see in April fans and the ACE came through. The Mets, to me, haven’t had an ace like this since Doc. Yeah Viola won, and so did Cone, but Johan is “money in the bank” and I’m glad that the Yankees decided not to part with Hughes et al.!!!!!

posted by Gene Anthony

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