Nats sloppy play helps Mets in 8-2 Win (4/25/09)

The Mets struggles with RISP continue but it did not matter today as the Nationals basically gave this game away. The Mets had runners on base seemingly all game thanks to a ton of fielding errors by the Nationals. Despite having runners on base all day though, the Mets still struggled to get big hits.


Pelfrey looked a tad better today, he struggled with his control at times but I think that will get better as time goes on. We probably need Pelfrey more than any other SP’er besides Santana because he has the potential to be our #2 guy. Hopefully today was a sign that he may recover and build on last year.

Tomorrow the Mets play at 1:10 as Oliver Perez takes on Jordan Zimmerman. Ollie is due for a good start after a bad start last Tuesday.

Posted by Anthony Agnese

2 responses to “Nats sloppy play helps Mets in 8-2 Win (4/25/09)

  1. a win is a win kid. These types of games help teams gain some momentum. What I am very confused about thus far is the lack of running by the team. I was beginning to think that maybe Reyes is hurt or nursing something, but Beltran hasn’t run, Wright hasn’t either, either has Castillo – something is going on.

  2. knowing the Wilpons… they probably had the cleets made by the same guys that took a million years to make Pedro’s toe healing shoes and they’re all wearing shoes from home…. thus, can’t run.

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