Murphy & Mets FALL to the Nats 8-1 (4/26/09)


The Mets failed to sweep another team today, losing to the Nationals 8-1. I was happy to hear that Jerry & Omar noted, earlier in the week, that the Mets had to put teams away. Unlike previous administrations, this one seems to be fairly open about team struggles. Nothing is worse than a manager and/or a GM that says that “all is ok” when we know it is not. A couple of disturbing things are re-occurring for this team (besides not putting teams away in individual games and series).


1.      For whatever reason, Beltran had another game in which he didn’t slide, though this was much less costly. I can’t remember such as a glaring non-slide, following a media blowup regarding a previous incident in the same week.

2.      Murphy can’t seem to stay on his feet in the outfield. It seems like he is being too aggressive on line drives and he is twisting himself up out there. Maybe he should freeze on line drives – having them fall in front of him will rarely turn into an extra base hit. I’m beginning to think that his bat is not offsetting his glove. His outfield woes are carrying over to his offensive, as he has been a recent culprit of #6 below.

3.      Murphy Part II – his arm is strong enough to make it to the plate. I have seen him throw in spring, and it is a better than average arm. Having him throw to the shortstop is nuts – save those plays for guys like Johnny Damon.

4.      Wright needs a day or two off. His swing is all over the place, he has fouled off more good hittable pitches than any other Met. Too bad Sheff couldn’t be put out there in his old position, but at this point maybe Tatis should get a start or two.

5.      Base running – what happened to this team’s speed? Limited stolen bases, and few guys are going first to third, like they did in spring.

6.      RISP – yes, it’s great that guys are getting on, but someone has to start driving these runners in!

7.      Ollie & Maine are a real F***ing pain! Maine seems to be turning things around, but Perez looks lost. I agreed with the signing, but I was under the impression that he was working out in the offseason, obviously I was wrong. I also agree with Omar’s decision not to pick up Lowe for that long of a contract. If Lowe really wanted to pitch in NY, he would have taken fewer years. Hey, if he was going to be strong in the fourth year, he would still make his money – probably more.


It is still early, and the Marlins have started to come down to earth, but games still need to be won. I believe this ship will be righted but should an NL team get real hot, the Mets could see themselves in a season of uphill battles.


Posted by Gene Anthony

7 responses to “Murphy & Mets FALL to the Nats 8-1 (4/26/09)

  1. I do think that this team is due for an extended hot streak that will fool us into believing that the issues are fixed. Although the results are not as bad as the early 90’s Mets teams, I am also equally lost trying to figure out how to fix it or why it’s happening.

    How can so much talent play so bad? Really… we have a former gold glove winner or potential winner at five of 9 positions and we can’t make plays. We have the major’s fastest team, but can’t steal bases or take extra ones. We are 3rd in batting and are 10th in runs scored. We have 4 starters capable of winning over 15 games, but only one can be steady. We have two closers and can’t seem to get them the ball. It’s really hard to figure.

    Today was really confusing. Is Beltran hurt? Forget the stupid line about him thinking the ball was hit, what is really going on with his lack of aggressiveness? Why isn’t Reyes causing more issues? What’s the REAL reason this team isn’t acting like a hard nose bunch of bullies? I know Manuel and Omar know the answer… I just would love to know what the problem is.

  2. Beltran is one of those players that always seems to do something to piss off smart baseball fans. He’s hitting the cover off the ball, and is clutch as well. That line was total BS- if he thought the ball was hit he would have put the brakes on and looked around like he heard a gunshot – like allother players do. I can’t remember the last position player to do what he did yesterday.

  3. i am more and more of the opinion that the WBC is a huge part of the mets woes.

    You know what the mets look like? They look like a team where nearly every player was hurt during spring training and didnt get enough practice.

    Playing “almost real” games may sound great, but it takes away almost all practice of fundamentals: hitting cutoff men, recognizing situations, defensive practie, etc.

    The WBC was essentially a 3 week all-star game. All glamour without the grit.

    If you look around baseball, the teams who started off hot were the ones who had very few important cogs in the WBC. Florida, Padres, etc.

    I think it’s gonna take at least till mid-may, and probably till june, for them to recover.

  4. I know this for sure Beltran was much more “alive” in the WBC…not meaning his hitting which of course he is ok with…its the extra stuff…he is annoying at times for sure..want to shake him!

    Recover from what Z, playing baseball?

    I don’t buy that at all.

  5. Z- you may have a point, the WBC was really about individuals, albeit playing for a “country”, succeeding. Wright’s swing got real long there. The good news is that these guys will turn it around, though I can’t remember a time when so many guys hit for average, but failed to drive in runners. I am not even talking about getting hits with RISP – I’m talking about not fouling out, striking out, or grounding to the wrong side of the infield with a guy on third. I’d love to know the % and runs scored when this team, in the short season so far, when they had guys on 1st and 2nd with no one out.

  6. kay

    recover as in recover from the lost training time that they now have to do on-the-job. to get the bad instincts and habits out of the way.


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