4/27/09 Mets make effort! Really.. I’m not kidding…

Fate seems to have stepped in and given the Mets a set of training wheels. In the form of glorious injuries, the Met are forced to replace players that don’t care enough (Delgado), aren’t impactful enough (Castillo), don’t hit enough (Schneider) and getting mindfucked in the outfield (Murphy) with players that are ready to show this team the effort they need to bring to be a champion. Sometimes, it’s not about the most talent, but rather the most heart.

Santos Claus is good for this team

First, back pain from heaven erased the world worst hitting professional baseball player and gave us Santos Claus. While maybe not the most talented guy in the world, the man is making an effort. Sadly, when your team’s stars sleepwalk, someone fighting for a job is a breath of fresh air. I swear that blast had reindeer attached to it. With one swing, I felt a huge exhale from the team. He also has the pitchers’ attention and isn’t a log jam on the bases. When Charlie O’Brien comes back, I’d just release him (or try to trade him for more Pee Wee Reese jerseys to sell in the Mets store).


Delgado will get up in a moment…

Second, our “Chatty Cathy” first baseman hurt his hip humping & trading “Hello Kitty” stickers with Albert Pujols and in comes an actual baseball player fighting for a job. I almost forgot Tatis is actually good. I love the “baby Manny” swing and the hustling. Honestly, I know Delgado has some nice power, but I don’t feel any difference with Tatis at the plate as far as overall production. I hope that hip doesn’t destroy Delgado’s swing, but does turn him into a platoon player with Tatis. Again, sometimes wanting to keep your job is better than talented and lazy (I can’t wait until Sleepy Carlos is off this team. I don’t even care if he hits, he doesn’t take things seriously enough for my taste).


Winning is everything

Third, Sheffield is still dangerous and Murphy isn’t ready for full time duty. Yes, I said it. Murphy has a nice bat to watch, but he’s way too green and while he might be turning into a great major leaguer… his psyche will be destroyed if he’s allowed to lose game after game in left. I know Sheff dropped a ball (it’ll happen), but he’s a professional hitter who scares pitchers and is no worse with the stick than Delgado. Between resting Castillo, Delgado & Murphy…. Tatis & Sheffield should be in the lineup together almost every day for awhile


Some other thoughts:

  • Welcome back John Maine. I know you’re not totally there yet, but it’s nice to have one less pitcher to worry about.
  • Maybe not using Krod much this early helps reduce the damage done by the exasperating WBC
  • I’m sad that it looks like Tim Redding will be our 5th starter before long.
  • The no finger lady is really rivaling the hole in throat guy for most disgusting ad ever on SNY. I haven’t the slightest idea who has all this money to run these ads all the time. Where are they getting this money from? How about letting smokers smoke and just sending me a check?
  • Swine flu isn’t fatal, so I’m not grasping what all the terror is about.  We eat pigs right?

We need to attract more fans like this…

Hey, did you know the Jets are on SNY? Really… they are! I’m, not sure you know … the Jets Jets Jets! There’re on SNY!! Thanks for wasting my sacred Mets time forcing me to listen to some kid who doesn’t know who Tom Seaver is and admittedly isn’t a baseball fan talk about stuff I don’t care about. I’m tried of MLB moving aside for football at all times. Hey Bud… FU and have some balls. Fine teams for imposing competing sports onto team broadcasts. You can say it’s a special case because it’s a local story, but it bothered the hell out of me.  Being a Mets fan (not a Joe Beningo passing the time until football season fan, but an actual one), there isn’t enough time in the day to worry about another sport.   Being a Mets fan is a full time job.

I want to see this team go out the next two games and destroy the Marlins. They need to start behaving like a top team and with all the dead weight hurting on the bench… this is the time.

Posted By Nik Kolidas

10 responses to “4/27/09 Mets make effort! Really.. I’m not kidding…

  1. Today is a great day for Gene- I had “the end of April” in the “Nik finally snaps” contest!!!! LMAO

  2. BTW, competition is great for a baseball team. I haven’t liked that we have starters and bench players, without guys that “could” crack the starting lineup full time. Murphy looked very relaxed pinch hitting last night.

  3. Why do you think delgado doesn’t care? I won’t comment on the whole ” no loss of production aside from power” comment

  4. Ok, I’ll be clearer… he doesn’t care as much as Bob Gibson did or Juan Marichal, or Ray Knight or fill in the blank with any player who really treated it like war.

    Met great Jackie Robinson quit when he was traded to the Giants and would run over anyone to make a base… does Delgado care us much as him? Where is his Darryl Strawberry brawl moment? If he did, he wouldn’t be chatting it up at first every game and making sure Albert the great doesn’t get bumped too hard. He didn’t want to come here to begin with and chose to sign with an undermanned Marlin team because it was a calmer life. He also refused a trade to a contender a few years ago because it was too much trouble for him. He’s also disappeared from the media the last two collapses…. Shall I go on?

    I don’t think he doesn’t care at all.. I just think when he’s on the field, winning isn’t life or death for him. Tatis needs to play well or he’s off the team…

    As far as the production… the man is batting .260 What do you think he’s going to do this year exactly? Tatis clearly has less power, but unless Delgado is on one of his crazy streaks, he can be pitched too.

    You might say this is the way baseball is now, but I don’t give a crap honestly. If bloated millionaires want to play easy, have tea with each other while the fans sweat this stuff … then I hope they hear it from us every day until they realize it’s not what they’re being paid to do.

    Carlos Beltran is a millionaire because you, I and the rest of us care. That same emotion that pays for his yacht, wants him to take out a catcher. You know what? He should take out the catcher. He should do it because that’s his job.

    For the three hours he’s on the field… Carlos Delgado is owned (yes, owned) by the Mets and their fans. Short of risking his life.. I want 100% of him. No talking to the other team unless it’s to screw with them, no clean uniform and be willing to knock your friend out of the way if the base is on the other side. I’m not happy with anything less.

  5. I thought that Church was one of those guys, but he doesn’t have it either. If people want to say that Jerry took the wind out of his sails with his comments in the spring, then he REALLY didn’t have it. This team is built for winning streaks, that is, when all is good and one guy is hot the rest will follow.

  6. Gene, I know what you mean abut Church, but at least he’s hitting really well. Also, he did get nailed in the head twice. Maybe Beltran is still gun-shy from his head cracking with Cameron… it would be understandable. Delgado I just don’t think has the same value system (when it comes to baseball) as most New York fans expect from their players. I think he knows that too and that’s the reason he didn’t want to play here and always refused those curtain calls.

    As far as a team built for streaks… I agree it’s more prevalent with this team than most other teams in baseball. I’ve never seen a team that looked so bad for so long be able to suddenly knock off ten in a row at any time. I think the issue is we are an elite roster that can play like the Nats for a month straight and then play like the Red Sox for two weeks. Kind of manic…

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