Why Do You Build Me Up, Bullpen, Just To Let Me Down….? Mets Lose, 7-4 (4/28/09)

zzzzzzzzzzzz…..Oh sorry, is it 2009 yet? Cause I’m pretty sure I was watching a game from ’08 last night. Yawn! The Mets gave up another loss last night to the Marlins and it was deja vu all over again…..hot start, disappearing bats and a shaky bullpen giving up the lead (but, please, be sure to throw some homers in there….cause it’s always more fun with homers!).

Doc, let's try going back to 1986?

Doc, maybe try 1986?

Mets started off early, scoring 2 runs on a triple launched by Gary Sheffield in the first. Two more runs were batted in by Cora and Wright, in the 2nd and 5th, respectively…but that’s where it stopped. Jorge Cantu homered not once, but twice (why not?), driving in 5 of the Marlins’ 7 runs.

For your consideration:

– Cora’s been doing a commendable job filling in for Castillo. Now who can we get to fill in for Wright?

Look, Ma....no hands!!

Look, Ma....no hands!!

– The Mets “revamped” their bullpen this off-season, so goes the claim. But last night’s game made me wonder….how’s our old friend Scott Schoeneweis doing?

Scott Schoeneweis (ARI): 11 games, 7.2 innings, 6H, 2R…..2.35 ERA

Maybe if we dress him up like Bobby V, we can sneak him back in??

Maybe if we dress him up like Bobby V, we can sneak him back in??

Sean Green (NYM): 11 games, 11.2 innings, 17H, 11R…..8.49 ERA

Do you think New York was in his head? Maybe he likes the drier weather? Or maybe, just maybe, Omar should have put his focus elsewhere and saved some money for another starting pitcher (not named Perez)….or Manny. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not longing for Scotty, it’s just fun to speculate since something’s not working! What are your thoughts?

By Emily Doran

2 responses to “Why Do You Build Me Up, Bullpen, Just To Let Me Down….? Mets Lose, 7-4 (4/28/09)

  1. Last night’s game was more about the offense snoozing, to me, then blowing a lead by the pen. We can’t assume every lead early will hold up for the rest of the game. That being said, Jerry’s approach in the 7th was curious to me (and others). Not sure what was up with the Baker at bat and not bringing in someone else to face Cantu. I like Jerry, but he is pulling a Willie (not to be confused with pulling HIS willie) by not mixing in matching in critical innings. The 7th, with the middle of the lineup up, WAS the save per se and he is not using multiple pitchers in an inning (even after watching LaRussa do it successfully for 3 games).

  2. That title came from a Foundations song… which is something this team doesn’t have much of. There must be something in the air in Flushing the turns relievers into dust and makes left fielders drop balls. This team is getting me REALLY edgy and yes Emily, I’d happily jump into Doc Brown’s time machine back to good ol’ 1986.

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