4/29/09 Why Jerry….. why?

How do I reeeeeach Theeeese Keeeeeeds???

“I want to see this team go out the next two games and destroy the Marlins” This is what I wrote two days ago.  Nice going guys. 

I’m not going to even finish this post.  Just read Emily’s below and add in

“How and why did Jerry Manuel take some guy who was tanning in the bullpen and make him get his pants back on, run across the field, stretch and then face Matt Lindstrom with the game on the line and the bags juiced?  Jerry said he was trying to delay the game to throw Mr. Flat Fastball off. 

Jerry Manuel in better times...

Hey Jerry… the street goes both ways.  Hey, why didn’t you delay it even further and have me drive to the game, walk in, go to Shake Shack, change into a Pee Wee Reese Jersey and then take some swings?  I like Jerry for the most part, but that was scared managing and ultimately put the final touches on a beautiful afternoon.

How do I reeeeeeeeeeach these keeeeeeeeds???”

Posted By Nik Kolidas

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