Come Together

I think the best thing in the world for this team and us was 24 hours of nothing. Twenty four hours where they couldn’t lose and we couldn’t question anyone’s moves or yell at the TV. Things become clearer when you can take a step back.

Old Man Moyer gonna throw his "butternut twirl ball" he learned from Walter Johnson. You young’ins are going to try and hit oool’ butternut!

We enter a series that I truly believe will add to the perplexing saga that is Mets baseball. They match up really well against Philly and I fully expect to be surprised. Our early scoring “heroes” will salivate at the site of those Chan Ho Park/ Blanton/ Old Man Moyer slow pitch fastballs and the comeback style the Phils have will be a lot more challenging against Putz & Krod nor matter how Putz pitched the other day. Also, it’s not like the Phillies were able to beat the Mets head on last year. In fact, contrary to public perception… the Mets usually handle the Phillies pretty well. Finally that beautiful tiny ballpark should relax some of our guys who are getting psyched out by the Dodger golf course they call home.

OK ok ok... I'll stop bitching. Just no more Art Howe! Don't leave the Wilpons alone at the wheel!

WTF is wrong with this guy?

Bob Raissman has a good article in the news today about Jerry’s handling of the media and it made me realize that even if we question a move or two, it’s much better that having Willie or Art Howe run the team. Jerry is an intelligent man and you have to figure if he makes such a glaringly insane move as putting an ice cold Santos Claus into the game against The Greatest American Hero in the 9th… something must have been up. Castro must have done or said SOMETHING that made that a necessity. Also, I was floored to learn that Castro turned down the starting job after LoDuca left. I’m sure there are a few guys like this on the team and their attitude is projecting across the bunch and igniting the fan’s furriery. It’s hard to be accepted with that attitude when you don’t win. If they were winning, I’d be less inclined to jump down Delgado’s throat for his Pujols love-fest the other day or Beltran for his fear of body contact. Truth be told, I think the lack of that extra edge is what keeps the team from being consistent.

Against a team like the Phillies, they’ll suddenly play harder. Just watch.

Schneider on a train, having fun with Utley

Brian Schneider had setback and will not be back for awhile. Big shock there. Forgive me if I don’t panic on that one. Not that we have any fantastic options, but having Brian in the lineup is like having a second pitcher. How good a game can he possibly call to justify that?

I think as the personalities start to expose themselves, Omar will have clear blueprint on how to cut away the dead weight on this team very soon. Excessive talent is great, but as a fan, I’m willing to take that down a peg for players that will block the plate, run down a catcher and at least pretend to hate the opponent on the field.

Posted By Nik Kolidas


4 responses to “Come Together

  1. We shall see with this team and this weekend. If nothing else, maybe the mets will hit s few HRs, as you say, and feel better about themselves. This game is 98% mental – and this team is mental!

  2. The hits represent their love for their mothers, and the lack of hitting when it “counts” means that they just can’t pull the trigger on getting rid of their fathers.

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