Ya Win One Ya Lose One

Pull your hair out folks. After winning Friday 7-4, and giving us some hope, the Mets lost today 6-5 – a game that we all thought they would lose (thanks to Ollie), but then were sucked back in later on. The Mets’ offense looked better today, scoring a few two out runs. Nice hitting today by Murph, Castro, Cora, and Beltran (although the improbably double play in the 10th hurt).

Here’s the great news from today’s game – NO MORE OLLIE for a while. I bet O.P is given a trip to the minors, one that he better accept (he can veto the deal since he has five years of MLB service).

BTW, I like watching Sheffield hit. He actually looks like he is going to kick the crap out of the ball all the time. His average might be low, but he is not overmatched out there. I also enjoyed Cora and Church in the 10th, they really worked their at bats. I was puzzled, frustrated, perplexed at the approaches by our “stars” Reyes (who forgot how to bunt only to K) and Beltran (almost fouling out to the catcher on the first pitch only to make things worse by grounding into a DP). My point is this- the stars looked like the reserves, and vice versa.

posted by Gene Anthony


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