5/4/09 Mets go into house of horrors and turn the lights on

Slowly but surely, our talented choir boys have found a little more sense of stability. By no means am I satisfied with the overall direction of this team, but it does look like the ship has turned in a somewhat acceptable direction before it took on a lethal amount of water. I don’t think they’re going to take off and be world beaters, but I can see the team not folding like a card table over the next few

John Maine, in my eyes, has taken a firm grip on the number three spot in the rotation and that makes Ollie’s mechanical breakdown a little less traumatizing.

Victory is Mine!

Maine had a nasty fastball yesterday and it reminded me of the high heat I used to see from David Cone. He doesn’t have Cone’s breaking stuff, but still I see an arm that has 15 wins in it. Speaking of Cone… nice work letting him go back to YES after he came to pitch for us again. Ojeda is a muuuuuuch better choice. (Nik stops laughing and gets back to game recap)

Overall, the bats seem to be gaining back a little confidence being away from the Dodger Golf course they call home. You get the feeling that these guys were changing their approach (in a warped Met way) to fit the ballpark and it was messing with their mechanics & minds. It also looks like Wright is gaining some momentum finally.

Lastly, Is there anything more beautiful than Frankie the Magnificent coming into the 9th inning? Anyone who wanted Fuentes or Wood should go look at how the first month is playing out. Watching him pitch, you can see how the man saved a world of games last year. If you look past the meaningless HR yesterday, Putz is really a special pitcher too. I do think, contrary to what people said going into the year, the better pitcher is pitching the 9th.

Yesterday’s game was yet another we certainly would have seen battered by the bullpen last year and thus, deserves a Kiner’s Korner Benitez number. In case you are not following it, this is a number the pen gets when it saves a game that would have beendestroyed last year. I named it after our fearless leader, Armando Benitez. We missed identifying a B-Game in Philly too. That first game of the series would NEVER have been won last year.

Posted By Nik Kolidas


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