butterfingersFirst off, some great signs last night. Castro had three hits, the Mets padded a lead, Beltran is still smoking the ball (and he slid in both the infield and outfield), and the bullpen was solid. The Mets continue to put runners on base, although their ability to get them in is still a bit off. Delgado managed to single home two runs in the 9th with the bases loaded (and the infield in), and Mets’ announcers (rightfully) treated it like it was a grand slam. The Mets then proceeded to let the Braves off the hook by failing to plate another run with the bases loaded and nobody out.

Does this bother me today? Nope, not as much as when they lose!! Last Saturday the Phillies should have buried Ollie and the Mets in the heilman511third, squandering chance after chance only to win on a bases loaded walk. They won, and the Mets felt no better about themselves. I look at last night’s game the same way – a win is a win! A sweep of any kind in ATL never happens for the Mets. In fact, in the last ten years we lost a game like last night nearly every time. For that, the game registers on the Benitez meter – with a Heilman cover because it probably would be Aaron left on the mound when it ended.

Random screams:
• WTF Castillo? A ten plus AB to the Braves best hitter results in an error on the easiest (so I thought) of chances for a gold glover. The only thing worse is throwing your glove like an 8 year old.
• Delgado in the 9th- the only positive to come out of that drop is Castillo’s self esteem went up three notches. Focus man focus. You almost turned last night into Stinko de Mayo.
• Wright fouls off more pitches than anyone in baseball. I have no empirical data for this (YET), but I am willing to guess that, at a minimum, he is in the top five.
• After 15 years and 40 homeruns against the Mets, I finally get to write this – Thanks Chipper!!
• I might have a slight man crush on Parnell – this kid can throw. Hopefully Maine is spending time with him, because they are virtually the same style-wise.
• Before fans agree to trade Reyes, can we at least wait until July? Just look at the Braves, Cubs, Nationals, Marlins, etc. lead-off hitters and ask yourself “Why am I such a moron?”

Posted by Gene Anthony


3 responses to “A WIN IS A WIN: METS HOLD ON 4-3 DESPITE AN EVENTFUL 9TH (5-05-09)

  1. What i love about the fans reaction to reyes is how he “hasnt improved at all.”

    if you want proof of his development just look at his obp. after just a few years ago fans chanting “WALK” at him in May, he’s about 90 points higher in obp than batting average.

    the other night reyes scored on a walk after working the count down 1-2. 2 years ago that would’ve been big news. it’s now COMMON.

    this reminds me very much of how phils felt about rollins when he was reyes’s age. maybe he wont be rollins, but reyes is still very young and is improving.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more – Jimmy was almost run out of Philly for his “selfish uppercut swing”. Reyes had virtually no idea of the strikezone 3 years ago and would swing at every sinker or changeup in the dirt.

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