Johan Masterful in 1-0 Win over Philly

0.91 era.

Edit: Per the Elias Sports Bureau via, Santana’s ERA is the 3rd lowest in Mets history after 6 starts. The other 2? David Cone in 1988 with 0.76 ERA and Nolan Ryan’s 0.77 IN 1971.

Need i say more?

The new Citifield ballpark and Johan Santana go together like PB&J. As the Mets other starting lefty goes on the DL with *ahem* patella tendinitis, Johan is doing something extremely rare in NY: pitching so well that no one comments on his contract.

The line vs a tough lefthanded Phillies lineup: 7 innings, allowing no runs, 2 hits, 3 walks, and had 10 strikeouts.

Chan Ho Park brought back memories of his early Dodger days, as he went 6 innings allowing no runs, a hit and 2 walks. He entered the game with an 8.57 era but had an excellent game plan vs the Mets hitters, finishing with 5 k’s as well. A rally in the top of the 7th forced Charlie Manuel’s hand to remove him. Park’s outing tonight probably saved his spot in the rotation.

Oddly enough the other Manuel manager, Jerry, went with the B lineup tonight backing up Santana. The switch of Castillo for Cora was understandable especially after Castillo’s gaffe the game before. The catcher change could be due to preference by Santana, but at this point it really doesn’t make that much a difference who is in there.

The odd decision was putting in Jeremy Reed in right field in place of Ryan Church for his first start of the year. You have to wonder why when Fernando Tatis has hit Park well over his career. Reed was 0-2 tonight.

The Mets scored the lone run of the game in the 7th. Delgado was on 1b with a walk with Tatis at the plate with 2 outs. Tatis hits a slow broken bat (someone is going to get skewered one of these days) grounder to the 3B Feliz. Feliz throws wide of 1b allowing Delgado to run through 2nd and 3rd.

Then it got weird.

The ball hits Citifield’s odd dent in the rightfield corner. Jayson Werth inexplicably holds onto the ball for a moment instead of throwing it back in. Seeing this, Delgado runs past Razor Shines’s stop sign, and then Werth triple pumps before throwing home.

Delgado beat the throw and Mets have the lead.

After Jerry Manuel takes a risk by pinch hitting Sheffield for Santana (walk followed by a Reyes out), Pedro Feliciano comes in for the unavailable (Thanks Luis) JJ Putz and secures the hold in the 8th, getting Rollins, Utley and Howard out in the 8th, capping it with a K on Howard to leave Shane Victorino stranded on third.

Frankie Rodriguez, as the announcers like to call him, gets the 1-2-3 ho-hum 8th save.

This is the second straight game the Mets won vs a divisional rival thanks to an error by a usually sure-handed 3B. It is nice to see after we get tunnel vision about our team’s mistakes that other teams, especially our rivals, are not perfect either. Philadelphia had 3 errors tonight and wasted a great comeback start by Chan Ho “Can I please pitch every game at the Mets new ball-” Park.

The Mets win 3 games in a row for the first time this seasons, and have a chance for 4 tomorrow when Mike Pelfrey faces Jamie Moyer tomorrow night. Jon Niese was called up for the recently *COUGH* injured Ollie Perez, so Ken Takahashi will probably be available tomorrow night to face those tough Philly lefties in place of Feliciano.

A nice win to build on, but the Mets offense has to come through at some point. It’s nice to force errors to score runs, but the offense could use a laugher about now to get them on track and get confident driving in runs again.

Oh by the way, how awesome is it to see this guy every 5 games.


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This is a Benitez Meter Game



7 responses to “Johan Masterful in 1-0 Win over Philly

  1. you just get this feeling that you’re watching one of those great year long pitching performances in NY baseball history… like Gooden’s ’85, Guidry in ’78 or Seaver’s ’69. It’s really a pleasure to watch this guy pitch.

    It overshadowed the fact that we have our first dependable closer since Tug McGraw. How great was it to know Frankie was going to handle that game in the 9th. When Pedro gets out of the 8th somehow, you just sat back, smiled and knew that we had a full house.

  2. I gotta disagree about the dependable closer. John Franco may have had outings that put your heart in your liver, but for most of his Met career he got the job done. I mean, he’s #3 in saves and probably about 3/4th of them came in a Mets Uniform, usually in 1 run games since he was on some lousy teams.

    In my opinion, John Franco may be the least respected “great” Met in this franchise’s history.

  3. He was ok on teams that weren’t going anywhere in my eyes.

    You have to admit that the only reason he isn’t thought of in a more negative light is the fact that his biggest Mets meltdowns were eclipsed by our hero Armando’s catastrophic career defining meltdowns and subsequent milk baths.

  4. or maybe I group him with Armando by association… never know. I just know I never had an automatic feeling when Franco came into a game.

  5. honestly, I don’t even know what makes a “dependable” closer in baseball, and I’m sure the standards have been lowered since the days of Tug.

    that was a game that the Mets of 2008 or April 2009 would have blown. the night before also.

  6. I believe the one main reason why Franco isn’t considered “great” among Met fans is the fact that his stuff wasn’t dominant. He rarely threw a fastball over 90 after 1997, and his out pitch was a change-up. As a result, he didn’t miss a lot of bats, which led to a bunch of cliff-hanger-type saves. It always seemed like he was one bad pitch from blowing a save.

    The numbers alone are staggering, but if you watched him pitch, he never appeared to be dominant.

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