Boy, how a solid week can change things. The Mets RISP woes are less of a omar2concern since the starters have done their job (circa 2009 – pitch 6-7 solid innings). Omar was starting to feel the pressure of focusing too much on the bullpen and not enough on a “money” slugger.

Judging by our Benitez meter, it appears that the Mets are getting much more bang for their buck by focusing on the ‘pen in the offseason. Add to that the Manny revelation and fans are quickly doing an “about face” – thanks Omar for passing. I can all but guarantee Omar did not know about Manny, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the decision was based on the Manny baggage. He knew he could hit, but we also knew that he could distract – and positive drug tests fall definitely falls under this category.

Another Omar option for offense was Ibanez, and I have to admit his early success is a total surprise to me. The Mets really couldn’t do this move as they were lefty heavy in the outfield and it would have required moving Church or demoting Murphy.

That leaves O’Dog for Castillo – almost impossible since the Mets couldn’t move this contract. We can blame that on Omar, but Castillo is holding his own.

All in all, I have to say Omar’s stock is rising like the rest of the market after sort of bottoming out last week. The Mets have received a couple of needed breaks and are climbing themselves. To date, the bullpen has received an “A” from me. And guess what – that is the single reason that this team lost the making the playoffs the last two years (as well as missing the World Series in 2006).

One tweak that I would like Jerry to consider is mixing and matching within the later innings. Feliciano should not have been pitching to Werth, and let’s hope that the “GanGsta” is picking up on these things.

 P.S. – we have something for you Shane- I promise!

 Posted by Gene Anthony


One response to “OMAR – LUCK OR SKILL?

  1. Anyone ever says I said this outside of our mets family, I will deny, deny, deny……We could use a Shane…Good week for sure…

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