Well, Well, Well…Look What the Cat Dragged In! Mets Win, 7-5 (5/8/09)

Sure, it was a game of highs and lows (and bad calls), but on May 7th, it finally seemed like the pieces are starting to come together for the Metsies.

Big Pelf! Pelfrey pitched seven innings, giving up 8 hits and 3 runs, but striking out none. As David Wright said “His streak of no strikeouts is still intact”. Hopefully this is something the big guy can work on. It’s all about efficiency…

This guy's got balls!

This guy's got balls!

Home Runs! Three of ’em!!! Beltran and Wright each launched a two-run homer in the first inning, giving the Mets a cushy lead. One more single shot by Reyes in the 2nd, plus two runs in the 3rd, gave the Mets a cushy 7-1 lead. But then, the offense packed it in. The Mets seriously need their bats to show up in the later innings, because we all know what happens when we depend on our bullpen!! (Cough2007&2008Cough!)

Obstruction! Ooh man, Shane Victorino. He got caught up in a rundown in the 8th inning, and unless my eyes are deceiving me, it seems like he clearly went out of his way to get in Reyes’ way. Jerry Manuel got ejected after going wild on first-base ump Bill Welke for what was clearly a call-gone-wrong. At one point during Jerry’s signature umpire-reaming head-bobbing, the brim of his hat hit the ump’s….this may bring suspension for Manuel, let’s wait and see. Watch the video here and share your thoughts on what really happened. (Watch video here)

This Flyin' Hawaiian is Crusin' for a Bruisin'.

This Flyin' Hawaiian' is Crusin' for a Bruisin'.

Lights Not Necessarily Out, Per Se…. K-Rod came in to close, earning his fourth save in as many games. Though it wasn’t a lights-out performance (let’s say, more like lights dimming?)…it got the job done. And that’s what counts, right folks?

So go ahead, keep dimming those lights, K-Rod. Set the mood with some smooth jazz, pour a glass of bubbly and join us in the tub as we celebrate #8 on our Benitez Meter!



                    Posted by Emily Doran


One response to “Well, Well, Well…Look What the Cat Dragged In! Mets Win, 7-5 (5/8/09)

  1. That Victorino play deserves a plunk during the next visit. I’ll give him this, the guy tries anything to succeed, but it still deserves a little retribution. The TV guys were too busy w/ Hernandez trying to explain what it is like to watch a game in the stadium- hey ding dong, WE KNOW THIS, WE ARE FANS!!!!

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