5/8/09 Mets don’t let down after a big series. Yeah, I’m shocked too.

It's all Bud's fault. Everything is always Bud's fault.

Ok, so I turn on the game and see my team in their softball uniforms and I wonder how I forgot they were playing in Pittsburgh tonight. Then, upon further review, I realize it’s Citi Field, home of the Shake Shake & Dodger Dogs. Please Charlie Samuels, for the love of all things right in the world, dig a deep hole and bury those jerseys. I get joy watching the Mets play in their REAL uniforms. If it doesn’t look like a Met or play in Shea… is it really a Met? Anyhow the game…

Jimmy's all ready for his big day


News Flash *POP* *FLASH* Read all about it!!! Mets finally beat up on crap team!! Let me be the first to say, Thank you Phillies. Thank you for waking up my dead ball club with your stupid shenanigans, terrible rotation and Mets obsession. Also, special thanks to Chipper & The Braves for the fantastic vacation in Atlanta. Well boys and girls, somehow, someway, we have ourselves a team here.



Some notes from today’s game:

  • Delgado is hitting some well placed ropes with good bat control for a old man with hip issues.. That was a really nice shot to end the game in the 8th
  • Niese is looking pretty good and composed on the mound… no walks! (hear that Ollie??)
  • The Pirates suck.
  • Bobby Parnell is a nasty nasty beast of a man who should be caged and only let out in the late innings
  • Nice clutch hit for Beltran off… whooooo was that again?
  • Ah yes, our former 5th starter Tyler Yates. Good to see he’s still pitching really well
  • JJ didn’t seem to want to go home. Friday IS garbage night in NYC and maybe he was hoping his wife would take it out before he got home.

I ain't 'fraid of no ghost

All the criticism and adversity seems to have tweaked some egos in Metsland and all of the sudden we’re seeing some pride leak out from the former walking dead. Maybe watching Johan and Frankie Rodriguez star as fearless “Ghostbusters” (Slaying Ghosts of season’s past) embarrassed those that refused to push the envelope. No matter how it happened, I’m glad it did. As critical as I can be, I really want this team to win badly. I want this core to prove Francesca wrong over and over again this year…

So far, they’ve done it five times in a row.

 Posted By Nik Kolidas


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