batsIt looks like things are finally starting to take shape. The Mets are hitting and getting some solid starting pitching, while the bullpen continues to be the anchor of this team. I don’t even want to hear that it is the Pirates, as these types of teams usually give the Mets the most trouble. Keep rolling fellas, keep rolling.

Good Signs
o Beltran hitting a ball into outer space from the right side.
o Reyes contributing with three hits.
o Maine – six solid.
o Beltran actually looks like he is having fun. He smiles now. He is hopping around the outfield like a gold glover.
o Look out Gangsta, Sandy Boy took the helm today and we finally had a laugher.
o Fernanado-mania – keep hitting and fielding, you are the team’s lucky charm.

bababooeyIf you feel bad about yourself, especially in the sports arena, today’s video on SNY of Ba Ba Booey (from Howard Stern) throwing out the first pitch will pick you up. He throws like a ba ba baby!!!

I look for the Mets to sweep tomorrow, they are starting to roll and baseball_BERthat is great. On a tough day for me personally, this was a welcomed distraction.

Posted by Gene Anthony


4 responses to “SIX STRAIGHT WINS, FIRST PLACE, & HITTING – METS 10 BUCS 1 (5/9/09)

  1. Great win today. Glad to see we are starting to pick things up. A sweep tomorrow would pretty much tell me that something has changed with this team over the past week.

  2. is this the real Mets 2009 team, or is this just a good run they’re having as a reaction to Jeff Wilpon’s visit to Atlanta last week (remember last year’s team was a .500 team with 1 good stretch shortly after the managerial change)? I’m thinking that they just had a slow start coming out of the disjointed spring training and were slow in shaking off some injuries and bad signings, but it’s also a little too early to tell.

  3. I’m just enjoying it for what it is. We’ll know how legit this is in a month. For now, let’s just sit back and take the gift in.

  4. as Mike used to say “just ride the wave” although I wonder how many waves he rode in PA !

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