Mets finish off Pirates on Mothers Day With Sweep 5/10/09

Brewers Mets Baseball

Yet another good game from the starting pitching gets us yet another win. It’s great watching this team continue to improve and it seems like after every game we come out with a new positive. Positive from today’s game:

  • Another good performance from our starting pitching today as Livan struggled early but rebounded go give us 6 solid innings
  • The offense continued to come up with big hits with today’s big hit coming from the surprisingly impressive Omir Santos
  • The bullpen was good once again. Green struggled giving up a walk and a HR to start the 9th inning but rebounded to get the next 3 hitters out
  • The Mets are putting pressure on teams by stealing bases and taking the extra base on hits to the outfield. Reyes turned a single into a double in the 3rd inning and Santos tried to stretch his 2 RBI single into a double in the 4th

Tomorrow the Mets try to make it 8 in a row in what should be a great pitching matchup with Johan Santana taking on Derek Lowe at 7:10.

Posted by Anthony Agnese


10 responses to “Mets finish off Pirates on Mothers Day With Sweep 5/10/09

  1. last year the mets pen wouldnt have gotten out of the ninth with a 7 run lead. so you can add 1 to the benitez meter and change the pic now.


  2. You think Mets would have lost this one last year? Eh…I don’t know.

  3. anything to get rid of that horrid picture. what is wrong with you people? even richard simmons thinks it’s a little much.

  4. I honest think last year that was exactly the kind of game we would have lost….Z, the pic is funny/sickening…

  5. well, the mets didnt make the game out of reach till the 8th, so most probably the 7-8th inning guys would’ve blown it.

    benitez meter 9! take it down!

  6. if you like that, you’ll love the jimmy rollins picture from the may 9th post.

    next thing you know someone will make a post with a rupaul or dennis rodman in drag picture.

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