Mets Drop the Ball in 8-3 Loss to Braves (5/11/09)

What a night for the Mets. After 7 wins in a row and claiming first place in the standings, the Mets failed to record an 8th straight win, even as their ace took the mound. Once again, the offense was conspicuously missing during a Santana start. Was Delgado’s absence partly to blame? Or was this just another example of the Curse of Johan?

Once upon a time...

"Um, guys? You know you signed me to help you win, right?"

Santana, as always, pitched to win. He went 6.1 innings giving up only 7 hits and no runs….well, no earned runs at least. He ended up falling victim to two, both due to errors. The 2009 Season marks the first time in Santana’s career that he’s ever lost a game after not giving up an earned run.

The two aforementioned errors came from Wright (throwing error in the first) and Reyes (a bobbled ball in the seventh that paved the way for 2 more runs). I wonder what it is with these guys when Santana is on the mound? It’s like they’re trying so hard to impress him that it just ends up backfiring. Take it easy, boys. Just act natural.

To Err is Human. Two Errors costs you the game.

To Err is Human. Two Errors costs you the game.

The Mets’ 3 runs of the evening were courtesy of the B-squad : Tatis and Santos. What does that tell you? And with Delgado’s lingering hip injury foreshadowing a trip to the DL, we can probably expect to see a lot more of Tatis. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing…

One final thought on Derek Lowe:  It’s not a question of  “Is Omar kicking himself for not agreeing to a 4th year?”.  It’s a question of  “how hard?”.

Posted by Emily Doran


2 responses to “Mets Drop the Ball in 8-3 Loss to Braves (5/11/09)

  1. I dont think the big issue for me on Lowe is about whether he should sign him or not. After Pedro and Glavine i’m weary of giving 34+ year olds four year contracts.

    my issue still is going straight to Ollie. I would’ve preferred the mets got Randy Wolf for 1-2 years and spent a bit on a hitter like Bobby Abreu, or on another pen arm. i think getting ollie was a bit of a panic move.

  2. I’m more pissed at Ollie. The guy shows up to ST out of shape, how do the Mets control that? Let’s evaluate this Lowe and Ollie issue as time progresses. I bet that we are glad that Lowe wasn’t a Met in two years. Pedro was dominate his first year with the Mets and never the same after that.

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