The Quiet Assassin Strikes Again. 5/12/09

Just like that it was taken away from them. Having eked out a 2-0 lead on a stable Mike Pelfrey; they took to the late innings to finish the job as they had season after season in Flushing.

Jair Jair Jurrjens Lotion had nailed down the Mets for seven tense innings and as they entered the 8th it was clear the game was his to lose. The Braves capped it off with one more run off the slightly tainted JJ Putz and the solid 3-0 lead win theirs. He was always lurking though wasn’t he?

The quiet assassin lay dormant in centerfield. Waiting. Waiting to allow the Braves to get inches from their victory.. to smell it, to taste it. It was just then that it was all going to be ripped away from them.

The assassin’s buddies chipped away in the bottom of the 8th as Lotion loses it and Jackie Robinson’s Reyes doubles to the gap to score two, but then shows his lack of judgment and gets nailed at third. Inning over. Still the assassin lay dormant. It wasn’t time yet.

Frankie Ghostbusters comes in and somehow keeps the Braves quite in the 9th… a feat no Mets relief pitcher in the last 20 years would have been able to do. The Benitez Meter begins to start it’s motor….

*cue music*

Finally the 9th inning comes and the quiet assassin comes to the plate. Before the Braves “closer” Mike Gonzalez could take a breath, the assassin was standing on 2nd. He never saw it coming. Recomposing himself, he focuses in and predictably nails David Wright, but wait… the assassin is on 3rd. How did he get there? The ump didn’t see and for that I am thankful. Finally, a lazy fly ball and calmly and quietly… the game is tied and the assassin is off the field.

If you blinked, you missed the top of the 10th as Frankie Rodriguez continued to bury old ghosts and took out the Braves once again. Finally, the 10th ended as the NLCS did a few years ago, but this time with a happier ending. Tony Bennett ate a bucket of Kenny Rogers and the game was done. The last man standing, was the quiet assassin who put down his bat, took of his cap and walked away.

Notes from today

  • Carlos Beltran is an animal
  • Wright should have gone in feet first in the 7th, but I like the hustle
  • Jose give it and Jose take it away. Is anything more emblematic of Reyes than what happened in the 8th inning where he scores two runs on a gapper and get nailed as the tying run at third?
  • Luis Castillo is doing his job
  • Tatis being picked off in the 9th was really sloppy. This team still needs to be more careful, but again  I like the aggressiveness.
  • I kind of respect Chipper now that the Braves stink, but it’s like getting teased by an old past his prime bully. The Mets need to make the last years of his baseball career a plentiful bounty of losses and October vacations.
  • 10th inning gets blown by Wagner last year if Heilman makes it through the 9th (which he wouldn’t have)
  • Clutch SB by Jackie Robinson Reyes in the 10th
  • Nice walk by Shrek to bring the assassin to the plate
  • Reverse Rogers! I love it!
  • Chipper was really mad at the umps after the game… was he also mad when Maddux & Glavine were stealing as many calls as Michael Jordan in the 90’s?

All in all, the Braves can suck it. I hope they lose every game they ever play always forever. The Benitez Meter is now at 9!

Chipper Cry. Is nice. Like my sister.


Posted By Nik Kolidas


20 responses to “The Quiet Assassin Strikes Again. 5/12/09

  1. That’s a game the mets lose 10000 times…not just our current mets any mets team against atlanta.

    Not yesterday ;)

    You have so many NIK names I need to keep track!

    The pic is…hmmm…well, a tuxedo, a watch and a gun…= …………

  2. Nik, um…….what is with your Benitez Meter pics? At least this one doesnt make me feel uncomfortable. Now it’s just regular weird

  3. Nik, as long as it keeps Robert on his toes, keep the pics of Armando coming kid. I’d like Wright to start pulling a Beltran soon, we could sure use it. Is Wright the quietest .300 hitter this year or is it me? As far as Jones- Chuck you Fipper.

  4. Kay, a tuxedo, a watch plus a gun = A sad Larry Jones. Also, a man needs a big gun…

    Rob: Let him sing to you bro… feel the music. Yes, we lose this 1 million times before and I’m starting (slowly) to believe in this bunch.

  5. We need to get Rodman in drag from Sunday night that should get, Z…Z, no drag queens in Brooklyn??

  6. You know Nik start looking for a hunter in camo…with a gun..stick a bat in his other hand… work it in..! You cant find one let me know I have some good ones..!

  7. Oh and you guys stink was I correct about this??

    That’s a game the mets lose 10000 times…not just our current mets any mets team against atlanta.

    If yes, you have to say good Kay!!

  8. kay, i work at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. If i dont leave by 8 i gotta avoid them in the parking lot.

    also, nice to see the return of dominant #2 starter pelf. unless there is a trade we need him.

    and frankly, i’m getting to the point where i wonder if the mets need a regular outfielder more than another starting pitcher. there’s just too many rotating bodies for what’s supposed to be two prime offensive spots.

  9. Good Kay! Hunter in camo.. I’ll write that one down.

    What’s a real outfielder? You mean like Todd Hundely? :)

  10. Shawn Green…slo as syrup broke the wrong way too..Saw it many times…..those huge ears and the wind were a deadly mix…..took him in another direction…like the flying nun….

  11. Nik, kid is like “dude” to me. I’m actually waiting to see Willy Mo get called up, since Jerry has done an “about face” on Murph at first since Willy is at AAA. Bring him up as a power guy, drop him in the 4 hole.

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