Another “Brock” in the wall 5/14/09

Jets Jets Informercial More Jets.... Beningo, Jets..some Mets... cancer...cancer Jets..

Out in the land of rice-a-roni SNY showed a re-run of Tuesday’s game The Quiet Assassin Strikes Again. 5/12/09 and amazingly managed to make the Braves look like the Giants. It was so real I almost believed it was really happening.

You see, if it WAS real it might mean that this team is fighting like mad yet again, stealing bases as if they were gentles in a summer of love orgy and actually being aggressive. It might also mean that a starter not named Santana once again showed great promise. Don’t wake me from my delusions people, but I  think that the re-run last night was actually not a re-run, but a repeat of great baseball. I actually…. *deep breath*… think this team might in fact have turned a corner.  7 Stolen Bases for crap sake!!!!!!  A team record…

Hit the Giant in the middle!

Hell has frozen over people. The Mets have stumbled down the yellow brick road and somehow found a heart. Now if they can only find Jose a brain we’d be set. Maybe the benching yesterday is the first step toward OZ for him. Also, a tip of the cap to John Maine who’s slowly turning back into the 15 game winner we really need and David Wright who finally looks to be taking a deep breath. Finally, Frankie Ghostbusters rips one more number from the Benitez meter and puts one more brick in the wall that separates last year from this one.

Goodbye Closer


Today’s game ball goes to the quite assassin for personally removing this victory from the Giants hands.

Posted By Nik Kolidas


One response to “Another “Brock” in the wall 5/14/09

  1. I love our fans, and not that it is totally wrong, but “we” rotate our goats. Beltran, including myself, has been blasted the last three years. He’s hitting the cover off the ball, so he is ok. Wright’s out of his slump so he’s ok. Delgado is on the DL – It’s your turn JOSE. Bottom line about the other day, he was at 3rd with less than 2 outs. I’m not sure that he’ll handle booing, if it comes to that.

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