Unsolved Mysteries Presents: The Case of Jose Reyes Mystery Cramp


Unsolved Mysteries: Was Jose Reyes really too injured to play last night?

The ingredients are all there for another Olllie Perez scenario. Reyes runs the Mets out of a game Wednesday, but is unavailable due to a cramp Thursday. Sounds suspicious.

But what purpose would hiding a benching do? Well, Jerry Manuel is sensitive to his players, and Jose is a sensitive man. I can easily picture a conversation between them where Jerry tells him what he did wrong, what he expects out of them, a good tongue lashing. Then he hits him with a benching. To Jose’s credit, you can’t know his willingness to play. A guy who was once labelled as “fragile” now is rarely out of the lineup.

Jerry, being a veteran player’s manager, ends the conversation by telling Jose he’ll save him some embarrassment and not announce the benching. This is like throwing a bone to a dog after beating him with it, making Jose still feel good towards the manager despite the punishment.

However, while the above is a nice story, there are some facts that muddle it. Several beat writers in San Francisco, including Newsday’s David Lennon and NY Daily News Adam Rubin, say he did look in pain yesterday. Anyone who saw Jose’s video game commercials know about his lack of acting talent. It also doesnt explain the X-ray the Mets reportedly took. Why pay for an x-ray if you’re going to fake an injury? Most would have gone home happy with Manuel saying that the trainer decided to pull him.

We’ll have a better idea if Reyes is out tonight. Benching Reyes for bad base running for a game is harsh, but not too much. It’s not like he was watching a home run or being overly exuberant. He just was overly aggressive. Two games in a row would be too much, and Cora’s defense last night showed how much the Mets gain just on the defensive end from Jose.

If it’s one game, it’s be a great mystery probably to be remained unsolved.

Yes, jose you're out. Look before you leap!

Yes, jose you're out. Look before you leap!


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