rocky-1Down 5-1 to Cy Young winner Tim, I need a haircut, Lincecum I honestly figured the game was over. Lincecum was not really sharp but he was gaining some steam. My main objective was to see how this team responded, and boy was I surprised. Captain David to the rescue. wright

After striking out twice in a row, King David smoked a bases clearing double to tie the game at 6 (after Green came in to give up his obligatory run). Wright was stranded at third, I cursed, but the Mets were back in it. Once again, in the 9th, the Mets were able to capitalize on a fielding error by the Beach Boy, to take the lead – for good! K-Rod comes in for the 9th, no Delgado to drop the ball or Reyes to rush a throw, and saves the game the way that I like it – uneventful!

This was, by far, the best game of the season. In a way I sorta feel bad for “taking the big piece of chicken”, but put it on my tab Nik. I hope that Jose watched this game (and the previous one) real closely. The Mets CAN win (if they have to) without you by playing fundamental baseball. They can steal bases without you. Be part of this club and help – there’s no JOSE in TEAM!

Great Signs
o Wright is back – clutch hit, clutch hit, clutch hit.
o Murphy better be careful with his success as a pinch hitter or else he will be the Danny Heep of this team.
o Livan kept the Mets in the game and helped the bullpen.
o Sheffield is providing the force that we need in the cleanup spot. All the Omar haters please stand up!
o Cora can hit.
o Something must have happened to the Mets on the way to SF- they have stolen more than Bernie Madoff.
o For all the overpaid baseball players in the game, I think that we need to give Frankie a raise.
o Another Benitez Meter click- if you don’t think so, picture Green pitching the 7th 8th and 9th.

If I can request something today from the Mets – score a bunch for Big Johan!

Posted by Gene Anthony


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