Bats Finally Show Up For Santana, Mets Win 9-6 (5/16/09)

On a day when Santana didn’t necessarily have his A-game, the Mets did what they haven’t been doing in his past starts – they hit! While the defense was a little shaky, the Mets played hard enough to deny Randy Johnson win number 299.

The Mets scored early, as they like to do (3 runs in the 1st), but they also eeked out 2 runs in the 9th, cushioning themselves with a 3 run lead. Playing without Delgado and Reyes, and leaving the 9th in the hands of J.J.Putz, success was still an option. This team has really stepped up in the past few weeks. Where they show weakness, they are finding other ways to make up for it. This game was weak on defense but strong on offense. And that’s what a championship team will do.

The Big Unit himself praised the Mets as “the best lineup I’ve seen so far this year”. If we keep hearing that sentiment from other starters down the line, I think we’ll be in good shape.

A tip of the cap, boys...

A tip of the cap, boys... 299 will have to wait.

Posted by Emily Doran


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