madMake no mistake about it, I hate all the losses. Last night’s game was particularly frustrating since it seemed that the Giants were handing it over to the Mets. Yeah I know, Pelfrey balked every other inning, but the Mets did not score. What makes it worse is that they had ample opportunities to score at least four runs.

Missed Opportunities:
1st inning – man on third one out = no runs.
2nd inning – bases drunk no outs = no runs.
8th inning – second and third no outs and then bases drunk (again) one out = no runs.

What we are talking about here folks is being productive. Make productive outs, we weren’t asking for a grand slam – just some productive outs. That being said, the Mets took three of four and that does make me happy, especially since two games could have gone to the Giants.

Random Screams:
• The Mets need a fulltime first baseman for Delgado. I would also urge Omar to look into a backup SS. I will almost guarantee, although I hope I am 100% wrong, that this Reyes leg injury will lead to a blown hamstring. I have seen it many times before that when a player favors a leg, the hammy seems to always go. If the Mets can pry DeRosa from the Tribe, they can fix both of these problems.

• I am still steamed at Phillips last night, and ESPN should be as well. Not only did he bicker with Morgan for innings, but he managed to all but remove Miller from the announcer’s booth.

• Regarding Tatis and Sheff – both have been filling in admirably, but one will not make it long term. My guess, believe it or not, will be Sheff. The outfield requires much more of your body than the infield – especially first base.

• D. Murph – plain and simple, his defense caught up to him and now it is affecting his offense. I thought it was the proper move to take him out last night for Pagan. How did Pagan reward me for agreeing with the move? A double play! Thanks Angel!!

Posted by Gene Anthony


8 responses to “METS REST UP FOR L.A. SERIES – LOSE TO GIANTS 2-0 (5/17/09)

  1. you gotta admit that DP in the first was a thing of beauty.

    i also think last night they missed jose reyes. the 1st two guys in the order did not do much yesterday, and all of those bases loaded rallies led to outs by the bottom of the order. jose gives the mets so much on the basepaths, and his at bats are much better than people give him credit for.

  2. not really, regarding the order. Beltran and Castillo, second and third no outs for 4-5-6 in the 8th. First inning, it was 3-4-5.

  3. Oh boy, the pics used on this site may harm me..may have to get a lil lawsuit going!

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