Cryin’ Church… professional baseball player extraordinaire! Master of the basepaths! Amazin’ Time is Guaranteed For All! 5/18/09

Feo juego! Feo juego! άσχημος παιχνίδι! άσχημος παιχνίδι! Ugly Game! Ugly Game!

After that nasty affair, there’s nothing to do but put a bag over your TV and go to bed. I want to thank Ryan Church for putting on an incompetence show in the middle of the night. You can see why Jerry was brushing him off all spring training.

Some notes from the ugly gift wrapped loss to Fred Wilpon’s favorite team:

  • Pagan looks like he’s ready to go on a roll, which also means he’s ready to run into a moving train/ acquire the world worst paper cut/ give birth
  • Castillo, my friend … why are you bunting in the 8th with Pagan on 2nd? That was a nice little rally killer.
  • Back to Pagan, he sped around 3rd on Sheffield’s pool cue shot to tie the game and WENT THROUGH THE CATCHER. Not around the catcher, or prancing over the catcher, but THROUGH him. He gets the real man award of the day. I hope Wright, Beltran, Delgado (from his TV at home) & the rest of camp Barbie took notice
  • Wade was spooked by Sheffield nibbler and he walked Wright, but Tatis couldn’t finish the job
  • Speaking of Wade, I hate looping curve balls… I can never get 06 out of my head
  • Razor Shines is a funny guy
  • Ramon Martinez is as defenseless as Brian Schneider at the plate. Why do our backups always get hurt right after the starter does?
  • Angle Pagan spits on his batting gloves… what’s the point? More important, is THAT what makes players run through catchers?? Did I mention I saw a Met run into a catcher yesterday. I really did!
  • Something on his mind?

    Ryan Church, Ryan Church, Ryan Church. In the 9th, the Dodgers throw at Pagans head (they do this sometimes in baseball in case you don’t watch other teams) and Ryan gets picked off first. Luckily the umpire didn’t see that and called him safe. If he would have gotten picked off, his uniform would have remained clean, so at least they could have saved money on Liquid Tide. Ok, so he was scared to slide… no big deal there right? Then as the go ahead run, he can’t even do the sanding up thing right as he MISSES THIRD BASE as the lead run and costs us the game.

  • The bottom of the 11th was hysterical. It looked like I personally stepped into a cloning machine and took every position. The ball looked like it was on fire and nobody wanted to hold on to it.
  • Check out the “Silent Assassin” throwing Pagan (the only man who did anything last night) under the bus “”

    God wanted me to call him out!

    I called for the ball like six times,” Beltran said. “But Pagan stood in the middle and I couldn’t put my glove on the ball. On a ball like that, I have priority. If Pagan would have called for that ball, my job is to get out of the way. He’s been in center field before, so he knows that when the center fielder calls for the ball, everyone has to get out of the way.””

  • Yeah…uhhhh… shut up and don’t call out your teammate to excuse your own ass.
  • Manuel was maaaaaad. Did you see him glare at Church right after it happened and then look away from him as he walked by? I think Church should get one of those ass cushions they use for hernia patients because he’ll be sitting for awhile
  • Also, I liked how Ryan made a big deal about it to at least pretend he touched the base and get the umps talking. He didn’t? Oh yeah that’s right… he didn’t.
  • Arrrgghhh!! Buy my crappy plastic product!

    SNY “Slap Chop” guy looks like he’s hyped up on speed. Watching him drool and flip his head around with the sound off as I’m writing this post is very disturbing.

Now they want me to say up and watch again tonight? Sheesh….

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6 responses to “Cryin’ Church… professional baseball player extraordinaire! Master of the basepaths! Amazin’ Time is Guaranteed For All! 5/18/09

  1. Sadly, Yes, I said sadly, the team has taken a trait from Jerry, a bad trait..when in doubt, talk talk talk talk ..Team is a family, the “world” saw what happened was no need to toss anyone under the bus…disgusting…Razor states he saw Church miss the base, ever think of calling him back?

    Watched a better played HS game yesterday.

  2. yuo shold have missspeled the entire poost as tribuute two howe theze ideots playd.

    Pagan was calling the ball and Beltran has a habit of doing that – Pagan was also in a better position to throw to second. As far as Church missing third for the final out, at least now you can add that to “things I have never seen in a MLB game”.

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