Ramon Martinez & the 1982 Mets suck it LA 5/19/09

Of coooooooooooowse!

I listened to Beningo and Roberts this morning on WFAN and until they started making the mets lack of hitting about them going to visit the west coast (I love the self importance these hosts love to fling on themselves), they were spot on about the lineup. The issue is not the fact that the Mets stopped hitting yesterday, but rather the fact that they have no hitters in the lineup. This team has an amazing tendency to see injures to the backups right after the starters get injured. That being said, it’s a little sad that Alex Cora is this important.

I’m not going to go too deep into last night. I’ll just give a little stream of conscious rant and you can all let me know what you think.

Long story short… John Maine gave up a bomb and we have too many minor leaguers in the lineup playing out of position. I have to think Omar is on the phone trying to solidify the team in the short run. We don’t need a superstar right away, but we can use a defensive anchor that hits a little or a major league bat. I don’t think Nick Johnson is the answer solely because of his injury history and I can’t say I know where to go. Maybe the team in the Bronx would be open to getting rid of Nick Swisher

I just think that you need to make a decisive choice between a glove or a bat and NEVER put a player in that can’t hit if he’s not Rey Ordonez with the glove. I’m looking at you Ramon Martinez! How did we get to him so fast? Also Jeremy Reed should not be in the lineup unless he’s in the outfield. Explain why a defensive specialist with no bat is out of position?? Jerry… are you really trying to get his bat in the lineup?? There’s got to be one hell of a soap opera going on behind the scenes for Jerry to be making all these strange moves.

Lastly, they need to start west coast game against eastern time zone teams an hour earlier. We can start them an hour later as the home team as well and I think both sides would be happy.

Posted By Nik Kolidas


7 responses to “Ramon Martinez & the 1982 Mets suck it LA 5/19/09

  1. I like Swisher…Jeremy Reed, Good Lord…how did this happen??

    The Green Monster should be a hoot..hoot, not sure where that word came from.

  2. For my money, I’d take DeRosa- he can play just about all infield positions and one of the corner outfield ones. Hate to say it, but Murphy needs to be sent down – for his own good. He is too good a hitter to be affected by the defensive end of the game. That ball that he missed last night was unreal..

  3. BTW, San Diego is falling like a lead balloon. Would any consider this trade (I usually hate this crap, but SD will deal) F. Mart, Murphy, and Niese for Peavy and A. Gonzalez?

  4. nope. adrian gonzalez has too good a contract, too young, and too good. everyone is saying he’s the guy they’ll build around, similarly to how nats will keep zimmerman.

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