Mets get Anorexic in LA: Lose 3 Straight & 2 Shortstops (& a Reliever?)

It was painful and nauseating on multiple levels.

After winning 3 out of 4 in San Francisco following the loss of Carlos Delgado and without Jose Reyes, the Mets lose 3 straight from the Manny-&-PED-less Dodgers, and thier 4th overall.

On top of that, they learn during the 3 games that Delgado is out at least 10 weeks, Alex Cora is out 6-8 weeks, and Jose Reyes aggravated his calf injury trying to beat out an infield hit. He will be going back to NY for tests.

Ouchie #1

Ouchie #1

With Livan Hernandez on the mound pitching his best game of the year (7 Innings, One Run), the Mets bats were silent vs spot starter Jered Weaver and the Dodgers pen.

Remember how for much of 2000 the strategy vs the Mets was to pitch around Piazza and Ventura, and take apart the rest of the offense? Well, let’s just say the Mets bats will need a charge of exactly 1.21 jigawatts (What the Hell is a Jigawatt?) to get going.

You made a baseball team........out of a delorian?!!?

You made a baseball team........out of a delorian?!!?

JJ Putz came in and subsequently gave up the winning run, looking uncomfortable and out of sorts all inning. Jonathan Broxton, who should be doing commercials for Thighmaster, came in for the save and completed the sweep. He complained of neck cramps after the game, so it bears watching. Wonder how Billy Boy’s doing?

Without Reyes and Alex Cora, the Mets resorted to Ramon Martinez for help at Shortstop. While I understand he is coming off injury and is cold, he is COMPLETELY overmatched at the major league level and does not have the defensive abilities to warrant the bat. Unfortunately the options at the minor league level are either too young (Havens) or are too bad to call up.

Omar will have to resort to at least trading for a capable backup. It should be noted that Mark Derosa has only played a total of 9 games at Shortstop the last 3 seasons.

help us!

help us!

The Mets may need to get more of a pure shortstop in the absence of Reyes and Cora.

On the plus side Livan Hernandez did pitch very well, and Daniel Murphy looked not just excellent, but more importantly comfortable and natural at 1B. It will be interesting to see how he does the next few days.

The Mets will be flying to Boston tonight to regroup, refocus, and more importantly, get Santana on the mound for Friday’s game against the Red Sox. Reyes will be flying to NY for tests. We here at KinersKorner will keep you posted on his status.

All in all, it’s good to get out of LA, since the Mets and its fan base can’t cough up anymore. Then again, they are going to Boston, which is not far from Quahog……

Posted By Robert Z


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