There is losing and there is LOSING. The Mets are LOSING. I’m not sure if it is just me or not, but it seems like the Mets have been in every game this year, which makes the losses all the more worse. Once again, during this entire series, they failed to cash in on gimme runs. The Mets have little trouble working counts and getting base hits, but absolutely suck at bringing them in. It’s either bad luck or they truly do “get the apple”. It is so bad that in the 8th last night with Castillo and Beltran on base I was actually pleased that Wright got them over with a long fly ball – WTF, have my expectations been reduced to that?? Then Murphy steps to the plate and all we needed was his ground ball from his previous AB (the double play one) and we would have taken the lead – weak ground ball to first. Insult to injury, Dodgers take advantage of a one out single to score the game winner.

The Positives:
Livan, like the weather, is heating up. It’s a shame that he couldn’t get a win out of that performance. On paper, the Dodgers are a good hitting club and he dominated them.

Murphy at first – WOW. I didn’t see that coming. He even caught a foul ball.

Manuel – I have to give Jerry props. He is keeping his composure. He is also giving Church a chance, ala Bobby V., to play himself off this team. Jerry also, unlike Willie, is giving Murph a chance at first.

Wright and Beltran are hitting extremely well. Good to see both, especially Wright, locked in.

Random Screams:
The following couldn’t hit friggin’ water if they fell out of a boat- overboardChurch, Martinez, Tatis, Murphy, Reed, Santos, and Castro.

afraidI’ve never seen a bunch of MLB players that couldn’t take advantage of playing time like the guys we have. It appears that the only one that was 100% was Castro – he is not a fulltime guy and he forgot how to hit.

Putz is hurt. All fastballs and dangling his arm down last night (been there, seen that). If the Mets are to trade him or Parnell, trade him. I like him, but something is not right with his arm.

scullyI love Scully, but that guy has more stories than Dr. Seuss! seuss

stacheReyes is hurt and the Mets are going to have to do better than Martinez. It’s one thing to be all hit no glove or vice versa, but Martinez is no hit no glove. Go get Jose Valentin for cripes sake.

The Dodgers sucked nearly as much as the Mets with RISP, they too have several holes in their lineup, but they did just enough to demoralize the Mets.

eltonMurphy killed a perfect Elton John reference by not getting those runs in – Daniel & Livan, c’mon.

Hey Boston, nothing would piss off Yankee fans more than to let us sweep you so we can talk shit- whatta say? boston

The next clown that wants to bring something from the Mets into outerspace – please, take a player!!

Posted by Gene Anthony


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