Hey WBC, thanks for nothing. I stated it earlier and I will stick by it, the WBC helped disable the Mets.

reyes11Now I know why Jose was not running wild, he’s been bothered by this all year and it’s only now crippling.

Putz’s arm hurts as well. It looked great during WBC, but we’ve seen a putz11few outings (for example against the Braves and Dodgers) where he threw fastballs only – a sign, for a guy with multiple pitches, that the arm is hurting.

delgado11Delgado’s out too, another WBC star.

The interesting thing is, thankfully, not all WBC guys are hurting. Well, at least they all got to play (and lose) for their country. It’s not just a Met thing as other teams are facing the same issues (e.g., Rollins), but I stand by this – “F” the WBC.

Update: I forgot Oliver Perez!
posted by Gene Anthony



  1. I agree. But you forgot one. Oliver Perez. He may have been the worst WBC casuality. Aside from physically hurting the players, it really messed up the rythim of Spring Training. that time should have been spent finding depth in the infield, and alas, we don’t have that.

  2. SNY just posted a graphic that 9 pitchers from the WBC have been on the DL so far this season, and we’re only 1/4 of the way through. I hope General Selig saw that.

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