eckI officially have a man crush on Boston announcer Dennis Eckersley. I always liked Eck, especially after he did an interview of the famous Gibson homerun and said “it was great for baseball”. This guy does not take himself too seriously.

Living in Florida, i am often forced to listen to “away” announcers, and, to date, Mark Grace is my favorite. Tonight, I am listening to Eck and he is cracking me up. This guy is not a self righteous prick like our own Tom Seaver at times. He calls it like a baseball person, no matter who it is for. If it’s a strike, it is for both. He is a joy to listen to. He compliments and criticizes both teams.

He won my heart tonight when describing the HBP of Youk against Santana. In the middle of talking about how Youk was semi-joking with Johan he fills in the blank for the viewers – “Youk is just smiling as he is hit, he mouths SHIT”. The booth gets quiet, and Eck just says “well, let’s forget about that”. Both announcers laugh and move on. Hopefully, Marlins’, Braves’, St. Louis’, and Yankees’ announcers are watching. Eck, if you want to take Wayne’s place on our radio feed – it’s all yours!

posted by Gene Anthony


2 responses to “ECK OF AN ANNOUNCER

  1. I’m actually glad that when “Youk” got hit, Santana didn’t laugh back. Really… there is way to much kidding around between teams. He stuck his hand in the mouth of an angry lion.

    I think it’s by design… relax Santana and try to take his edge away.

  2. I may still be a bit “punch drunk” from the bp of 08, I think the meter should be clicked.

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