Who’s your daddy now? 5/21/09

If you ever wondered what would happen if you put Sandy Koufax on the 62 Mets you got to find out yesterday. The lineup, the momentum and common sense told you there is no way the Mets win a game in Boston, but all you need to do is read the names Santana, Parnell & Krod and you realize that when the Valenzuelan animal is on the mound, we are always the better team.

Don't mess with the Yohan

There’s not much more to say about Santana other than we’re getting a chance to see the 2nd best Met pitcher of all time pitch in his prime. The most refreshing part of last night’s game came after “Youk” gets nailed on the shoulder while sleeping on home plate. Walking down to first he starts to banter with Yohan; kidding around with the opposition like WAY to many players do in this generation of sissies. Mr Santana, who pitches in attack mode, almost bit his head off like Gibson or Marichal would have.. That was a fine baseball moment and a great display of what makes Santana great.. “Youk” was trying to soften Yohan and got the message loud and clear that when the game is on, it’s war. Then Yohan strikes out the “great” Jason Bay on 3 pitches as if he was Ramon Martinez…. just to reinforce who the daddy was in this situation. It was also nice to see Big Mouth Pappi get his just deserts yesterday. Mr. “Pedro ain’ t going to no Mets” also fanned 3 times. His post roid/ Manny career isn’t going too well.

It's a good thing Jim Fregosi is retired!

I’m shocked that JJ Putz is blowing so many chunks, but I wonder if we’ll look back on 2008 someday and say “Imagine if Jerry realized he had PARNELL out there when Ayala was coughing up the season??” I think the Yankee fans say that about Rivera in 1995 don’t they? 100 MPH followed by Frankie Ghostbusters and down went the Red Sox.

Really Omar... can Ramon Martinez do THIS?



Ok, I went with the good, and now I have to slip a few coffee grinds into the beverage. Omar, I know everyone on the roster is day to day, but you need to do something NOW to clog the pores in the infield. Please for the love of god DL Reyes unless you’re 100% sure he’s coming back for good in 48 hours. Don’t risk injuring him for a month to alleviate the Ramon Martinez disaster. Get someone in here to be a steady backup right away!! Cora is gone for 8 weeks and we need a stable veteran infielder t to anchor the bench and play for a few weeks. I really don’t care who you get, just get anyone better than Ramon Martinez in here tomorrow. To think of all the veterans that were available for next to nothing this winter is to be sick.

General thoughts:

  • Santana & Rodriguez are two hungry animals
  • How the hell did we manage to find Parnell & not mess him up?
  • The Red Sox are just cocky enough to get swept. They weren’t taking the Mets seriously and I can see Pelfrey surprising them today.
  • People seem to think Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched well coming off the DL. Good for them because I didn’t see much there
  • Gary Sheffield is turing out to be a fantastic steal for Omar. Even if he’s not ripping the cover off the ball, we have nobody to handle the enforcer role other than him. The way the team is set up… when he’s out of the lineup, there is no lineup. Nice bomb to set the tone yesterday.
  • AJ Burnett stinks. Somehow, everyone forgot about that in his walk year. Maybe the ladies in the Bronx can get it right tonight and handle the Phillies like we usually do head to head.

Last night was indeed yet another notch up on the Benitez Meter. Thank you Frankie Ghostbusters…

Posted By Nik Kolidas


2 responses to “Who’s your daddy now? 5/21/09

  1. BTW, last night’s game looked like the way that the Dodgers swept us. Watching the Sox feed, they were talking about their 20 year old rookie being nervous the first time or two he pitched in Fenway. Parnell started warming up and I was think oh shit (Eckersley, 2009) – then he comes in there and looked MORE dominant that K-ROD!

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