Omir, Oh My…Mets Make 9th Inning Comeback, Win 3-2

It was my first visit to Fenway Park on Saturday night, and the Mets managed to make it a memorable one. After nearly 3 hours sitting in the bleachers, surrounded by the worst fans on the planet (yes, worse than Yankee fans), I needed a victory to make it all worthwhile. And what better way to soothe my headache than the deafening silence that rushed through the Red Sox fans as crew chief Joe West returned to the field in the 9th and singled a home run on Omir Santos’ ninth inning blast to the Green Monster! Thank you, instant replay. And thank you, Omir Santos.
"Take your time, Brian Schneider....I got this."

"Take your time, Brian Schneider....I got this."

Mister Yips
After that last painful outing, Mr. Yips (aka Mike Pelfrey) righted the ship and pitched an admirable game against one of the American League’s strongest teams. He gave up 2 runs in the first, off a 2-run single to Kevin Youkilis, but then silenced the Sox until his exit in the 7th. (Please allow me to make an observation: If Nintendo’s “Mike Tyson’s Punchout” were a baseball game, can’t you picture Kevin Youkilis being one of the characters?)
Soda Popinski...or Kevin Youkilis?

Soda Popinski...or Kevin Youkilis?

What team?
The Met’s starting lineup is making me more and more nervous as the days go on. David Wright and Luis Castillo were the only core players on the field last night, although Beltran was hitting as DH. We can all agree that Omir Santos is no cause for alarm… but Martinez, Pagan, Murphy, Reed? This is getting scary. Luckily, though, there were some fine defensive plays made by these reserves last night (like Martinez’ interception of Mike Lowell’s shot to end the game). Maybe all they need is some extra playing time to get them in the groove. And with the injuries plaguing this team left and right, they will certainly have the opportunity to prove themselves.
Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the News
The few Mets fans surrounding me at Fenway all let out a collective “GASP” when they saw J.J. Putz warming up for the 9th. “Where’s Frankie?”….little did we know that Frankie was loading up on muscle relaxants in the clubhouse after he started to suffer from back spasms. They became so severe that he collapsed after the game, when he was taken by ambulance to the hospital. We’re are all keeping our fingers crossed that this is nothing too serious and he’ll make a fast recovery. The Mets really can’t afford to lose him too.
I had a great time at Fenway, and enjoyed a great game (which, by the way, was another notch on our Benitez Meter!). 
Note: Before the game, I was by the bullpen when Dan Warthen came over. He was a super friendly guy, and humored us fans by making small talk. When asked about Perez, he said that Ollie is about 10 days away from making a return (though I’m not sure if this is good news or not).  I’ll also be posting some pictures from the game soon.
Not so big anymore.

Not so scary


2 responses to “Omir, Oh My…Mets Make 9th Inning Comeback, Win 3-2

  1. One of those “rare” games that you don’t know are special until they are over. I was at the “grandslam single” Ventura game and I thought that was going to end super ugly – wound up being the best game I have ever been to. Glad you toughed it out and stayed.

  2. Same here… I was at game 6 and you needed all the pain to get the pleasure.

    That was one of the best Met games I’ve seen in years.

    P.S. I’ll get in line to punch out Kevin Youkilis

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