Mets lose in finale 12-5 (5/24/09)

wright foul ball

After taking the first 2 games in the series the Mets lost yesterday’s finale in a blowout. The fact that we took the first 2 is really unbelievable with the team we are running out there. And now it appears that Martinez is hurting as well. It may be time for Omar to make a trade, I really don’t think Argenis Reys is the answer at this point. After starting out hot last year he cooled down and showed us all that he really is not a good hitter at all.

The amount of injuries hitting this team is unbelievable. I don’t know if it’s the trainers or what but when you have 4 of your starters out of the lineup at one time that is certinaly alarming. But despite these problems we finished the road trip at 5-5 which I’m certainly happy with and we now get to head home for 6 against the Marlins and Nationals. Oh and a shout out to the Yankees for helping us out. Their bullpen really is atrocious and playing in that bandbox  doesn’t exactly help the matter.

Tonight the Mets take on the Nationals at 7:10 with John Maine going up against John Lannan.

Posted by Anthony Agnese


4 responses to “Mets lose in finale 12-5 (5/24/09)

  1. why do the guys in that picture look like women and the woman is acting like a guy?

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