2009 Mets are John Franco; Mets swat Nats 5-2

Long time readers of this Blog recognize the Benitez Meter, counting the games the Mets would’ve blown with last year’s pen.

Weren't you in uniform last night?

Weren't you in uniform last night f

Well last night’s game is another tomato on the John Franco meter. Mets pitchers had 9 walks (16 walks total with Nationals) in the game thanks in part to control issues by numerous pitchers in the game, as well as a small and inconsistent strike zone from the home plate umpire.

John Maine pitched well, going 6 and allowing 1 run on 4 hits, 3 walks and striking out 4. He probably would’ve gone into the seventh except for the events in the bottom of the sixth.

With the game tied at 1 apiece Gary Sheffield hit a home run that landed right by the Yellow line in left indicating a home run. It hit a fan in the hands, and had to be reviewed.

When MLB instituted instant replay they said it had to be done within 2 minutes. The umpiring crew took about 8 minutes to determine there was not enough evidence to overturn the home run. Personally, I think it was a double, but the umps have to KNOW to overturn. Later in the inning Wright scored on a Ramon Martinez sacrifice fly (yes, he did something to help the team offensively. I’m shocked too.). Considering Maine’s pitch count (98) and how long he sat in the inning, Manuel chose to pinch hit with Murphy, who drew the final out and leave it to the pen.

At which point the John Franco clones came out.

Parnell allowed a run, a hit, 3 walks, including a bases loaded walk in a third of an inning. But at least he got a strikeout!

Feliciano and Putz came out to finish the inning to stop the bleeding. As far as I can remember it was Putz’s 1st 7th inning appearance as a Met.

Putz in the 8th gave up 2 walks, and actually forced Manuel to have Takahashi and Green ready in the pen in case, but got out of the jam.

K-rod decided that the tightrope act looked like fun, and allowed a hit and a walk, resulting in the tying run getting to the base. Rodriguez, balky back and all, managed to get out of the jam in classic mid 90s Mets-Francoesque fashion without a run.

In this short 2 month season (yes, he got 5 more to go) the 2009 Mets are a lot like Franco. They’re not pretty, they’re a bit too cocky, they’re banged up, they make their share of mistakes, talk radio Mets fans hates them with a passion and wants most of them gone…….

…..but they’re a tough scrappy bunch that bounces back from bad games, gets up and battle on.

There are worst identities. They could be like Armando Benitez.

Short hops:

The Mets are the worst team at determining injuries. They say Jose Reyes may be put on the DL, but they’ll decide Friday. He’ll have missed 12 of 15 games by then. He got some light running in yesterday, but at this point just DL him. I have to give Jose credit, whereas in the past he would’ve rushed to get back on the field risking injury, he seems to be more attuned to his body and is willing to wait until its ready.

Some rare injury good news. Ryan Church won’t need to be placed on the DL and could’ve pinched hit yesterday. Sounds like he’ll probably be back sometimes this series. If he has a setback, Fernando Martinez is crushing AAA pitching right now, hitting .290 and leading the International League in most power categories.

Alex Cora will see a doctor today to determine if he needs surgery on his thumb, per SNY. If he doesn’t he can be back much sooner than expected, no timetable has been announced. Kinerskorner will keep you up to date.

Ollie Perez will be having his first rehab start in AAA Buffalo today. With Redding’s recent performance Ollie’s return to at least “Inconsistent Ollie” instead of “Stinkin’ Ollie” is going to be very important.

The next time you go through the list of bad Omar moves, including the one above, try to remember your reaction to the Gary Sheffield signing.

Carlos Beltran will have an MRI today to see if there’s any structural damage in his knee. We’ll keep you posted on his status.

Update: Coincidentally the Mets announced that John Franco will represent the team in next month’s MLB Draft.

Stay Classy NY


Posted by Robert Z


2 responses to “2009 Mets are John Franco; Mets swat Nats 5-2

  1. Franco’s saves were analogous to starting a fire at someone’s house and then running in and rescuing all the people in the house. Great guy, just tough on the stomach.

  2. Good post. I was one of those guys always bitching about Franco and this team does have me in that same state.

    That being said, they are staying afloat and with people coming back or aboard in the 2nd half… it looks like we’re in for an interesting show.

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