Jose & the DL: The Other Side of the Coin

UPDATE – Jose DLed as is Church – 15 days each. Beltran is out for the next two games, with a bruised knee, and “plans” to be back in the lineup on Friday. Given what has gone on with the rest of the team, and their analysis of injury timetables, Beltran will back by mid-June. The only positive of this, and it is small, is that F-Mart is coming up. Let’s put a little pressure on the kid – huh. Here’s Gene’s prediction – Murph will hit his ass off and show us all the real hitter that he is. Help us out D, we need it now.

joseWell, it appears that another WBCer, Carlos Beltran, is nursing an injury -ugh, which made me think of Jose and the disabled list. Several media members and baseball fans alike are commenting on the Mets’ decision NOT to put Jose on the shelf, even if it is for 15 days.

Could it be that Omar and Co. are playing a little bit of chess here, at chessthe expense of the Mets’ bench? Hear me out. Consider the guy who wants to buy someone’s used car and tries to negotiate by arriving on a bus! His leverage is gone once he steps off that bus. Omar might be working on something, DeRosa perhaps, and does not want to arrive on a bus. Once Jose is DL(ed) the leverage is gone. Ya never know.

posted by Gene Anthony


3 responses to “Jose & the DL: The Other Side of the Coin

  1. Have to tell you, Gene, great calls on both Sheff and Livan.

    I recall earlier posts here at KayKay. (KinersKorner)!

  2. The two “buzzer beater” deals by Omar (off the scrapheap) come through. It’s funny that critics don’t think of these deals as good ones by Omar. Both are also very good in the clubhouse.

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