livanWow – that’s all I can say, even if it was against the Nationals. As we know from the last couple of years, the Nats are a loosey goosey team that can string hits together to put runs on the board.

Tonight, Livan was just what the doctor (whoops, bad term) ordered. bandaidhat[1]A complete game, rest for the bullpen, and another day closer to getting the regulars back. Mets take the second game of the series 6-1. One of the more relaxing games to watch this season.

Mets Sheffield BaseballThe Mets put the game away in the 7th with a laser (a.k.a. pissrod, sorry it is a baseball term) to left by The Sheff. Very impressive to see Gary hitting homeruns, and with people on base. Between Livan and Gary, the Mets might have the team leaders that Steve Phillips was whining about a few Sundays back.

In the long run, and this may be wishful thinking on my part, the Mets may benefit as a team by playing shorthanded like they are now. They are playing more as a team, relying on small ball tactics to grind out both runs and wins. They know that they can’t squander opportunities, and when the “walking wounded” come back, it will be like new acquisitions. It will be a major boost to get Reyes and Delgado back hitting around Beltran, Wright, and Sheffield. The lost man in all of this is Church. Either that guy has real bad luck, or he has done something to piss off a few organizational members. Omar barely mentioned him tonight during his in-game talk about the status of the disabled.

The Good Stuff:
Livan & Sheff- pitching and hitting.

Two out hits, back to back doubles in the 2nd by Santos and R-Mart (why not, lol).

Productive outs by the Mets, recognizing that have to fight and scratch for every run.

popeyeFMART’s major league debut. The kid has forearms like Popeye. First, MLB RBI, semi robbed by Nick Johnson. He looked how all 20 year olds should look in the major leagues – scared shitless. He looked like most kids when they have to do a class presentation – let me get this overwith and move on. Once he relaxes, he should be fun to watch. Let’s think Wright and Reyes here, not Tyner and Winningham.

zimmermanjonesZimmerman’s consecutive reaching base streak is over 46 games. This guy has the pouty face that makes you angry as a fan. He’s Chipper Jones without the good team!

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7 responses to “LIVAN, LIVAN LIKES HIS PITCHING (5/26/09)

  1. Let’s also not forget that F-mart was told hours earlier about the call up and had to quickly fly over from Buffalo. The guy looked like he was wired and overanxious to me, more obvious during a misread on a double over his head late in the game (he recovered quickly and wouldn’t have made a difference anyway).

    let’s also not forget the struggles guys like Wright and Reyes had during their initial call up. Wright took about a good 4 to 6 weeks to start looking good.

  2. I have no idea how this team continues winning. I mean we’ve won these first 2 games against Washington because they’re a terrible team but we also took 2 out of 3 from Boston. Martinez, Santos, Sheffield, Tatis, Pagan, they’re all role players playing great baseball (though I think Sheffield is still a starting caliber player). Santana tomorrow for the sweep!

  3. Z, it was an observation on FMART- who looked nervous, he’ll be fine. We didn’t see the real deal in this 1st game – it was MINI-MART. Straw also was shakey when he came up (as was Willie Mays, but let’s not go there).

  4. His RBI was actually a hard hit ball and Nick Johnson made a very nice play on it.

  5. what’s nice about yesterday is that it shows young pitchers you don’t NEED to throw 90’s to be affective. I think that’s one of the most overrated aspects of pitching. Speed is great, but more important is the SPEED DIFFERENTIAL of your fastball to your breaking pitches.

    When Livan throws, to quote ron darling, “A 65MPH Bugs Bunny Slowball” it doesnt matter if he’s throwing an 86-88MPH fastball, because the speed difference makes it so difficult for the hitters to catch up. they can’t be overanxious to hit the fastball or else they’ll swing before the slowball comes near the plate.

  6. the key is that you have to be able to throw a strike at will and hit your spots. Livan’s command was outstanding. Ask Freddie Garcia about throwing slow and not hitting spots.

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