Murphy Has Big Game (5/27/09)


If Murphy continues to hit the way he did tonight we may not need to acquire a 1st baseman. It appears Murph has broken out of his slump and he did so in a big way.

Murphy had a couple of very big hits including a controversial home run that put the Mets up 2. We’re going to need him while Delgado is out and he certainly filled in well tonight. A nice 7-4 win to finish off the Nats was great to see, especially since the win put us in 1st place. This was one of the crazier games of the year with yet another HR call having to be reviewed and F Mart failing to run out a fly ball that cost us an out.


In the bottom of the 6th inning and a runner on 2nd; F Mart got booed after failing to run out a pop up  that was dropped by the catcher. There’s no excuse for not running out a fly ball but booing a 20 year old kid in his 2nd big league game is pretty harsh. Hopefully someone in the Mets clubhouse sat him down and talked to him after that play because we don’t need the lack of hustle that has popped up at times over the past 3 years and haunted this team.


However, the Mets did win the game and that is really all that matters. It seems we are playing more fundamental baseball without Reyes and Delgado in the lineup and hopefully this play continues once both get back. This is the kind of small ball that we are going to need playing in such a large ballpark and so far it has won us a lot of games. The depth of our bench is a major plus and once the starters get back we will need guys like Pagan and Martinez to maintain there good play. At this point I don’t know how much a trade is really needed, we could use a starting pitcher but I think we can get by with this lineup until Reyes and Delgado get back. Unless we’re getting back an Adrian Gonzalez or another star, I don’t think there is any reason to break up a team that is playing the way we’ve wanted this team to play like over past 3 years. Overall a very successful start to the homestand and hopefully we can continue to play this way against the pesky Marlins.

Posted by Anthony Agnese


5 responses to “Murphy Has Big Game (5/27/09)

  1. The F-Mart play was dumb, but booing him was inexcusable. The kid is in his second big-league game and obviously wants to succeed. Sometimes, the fans just need to fucking relax.

  2. I very seldom would use the word upset in my baseball life..I am very upset over this. I found it beyond disgusting.

  3. It should be noted before people start saying he has a “reputation” for lack of hustle, that his first rbi came by beating out a double play in his debut.

    so if you want to go by hustle plays, he’s 1 for 2. he had a brain fart. and shit happened.

  4. the kid has to be overwhelmed – but, he has to hustle – that’s free! BTW, Valdez ran out out his groundball to second base like he had a chance to beat it out – the kid is fast (no one has talked about his speed). Also, the fact that he has played all over the map suggests that he is hungry and it would be nice for him to contribute.

  5. The beyond ridiculous, “You learn that in LL argument” only reinforces that the kid was overwhelmed. Need to factor in the other events of the game. I won’t list, we all saw the game.

    My grandson will not be playing professional baseball in NY. Will be part of the pre-nup.

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