Jailed In Space

 Emily will be posting on tonight’s 11 inning beat down on Florida tomorrow, but for now sit with me, have a beer and let’s discuss some things. So, how’s the family? Ok, you got me.. I don’t care. I just want to bitch about stuff.

As I write this, the Optimum online guy is on SNY and as usual I want to put a fist through the TV. Never have I wanted to punch someone in the face quite this much. It got me thinking, who are the most annoying people associated with the Mets?

Let’s take a poll and the top three will be jailed in General Zod’s Superman II prison and sent into space.

On Trial:

Optimum Online Guy- The Offense: A case of Smug Face.

Verizon Fios Fat Bald Dude – The Offense: You know if he put cable in your house, you’d find him pleasuring himself to photos of your mom

Verizon Skinny Sickly Guy- The Offense: Not sure, Just hate him. He makes me want to have FIOS taken out of my house.

Charlie Samuels: The Offense: Disrespecting the Mets uniform and making me watch a team that doesn’t look like the Mets.

Wayne Hagin: The Offense: Flagrant and abusive use of the word “Knuckler” when talking about Tim Wakefield. I swear if he said it again the other day I’d have to end it all.

Let’s vote!


  • Lance Broadway is a Met! Shrek is gone! News in the Funny papers!
  • The Worst Hitter in the world is off the DL!

Posted By Nik Kolidas


3 responses to “Jailed In Space

  1. How can you forget the geico caveman or anyone involved in those smoking commercials?

  2. The caveman is bad… but the smokers…. This post could really be 2 pages long.

    SNY has some nasty commercials don’t they? Much worse than network television. Why are they littered with so many PSA’s anyway?

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