Someone please leave Tim Redding by the curb so sanitation can pick him up… (Mets lose to Fish 5/30/09)

Yeah, I'll eat anything

I’m feeling very reflective on this fantastic Saturday. The nothing beats a little nice weather while you enjoy a ballgame. It gives me time to pause and ponder the mysteries of life. Where do we come from and why are we here? Is there really life on other planets?

How bad a pitcher IS Tim Redding?


Ah… the one question I can answer. Surprisingly enough, he’s pretty terrible.. How bad you ask?

Well, let’s stroll down the patient’s chart…

  • In eight years, Redding has been on five teams
  • He’s won LESS THAN 5 GAMES in all but three seasons. (One of those seasons, he won 5 games)
  • Maybe he was in the pen you ask? Well, he has a career save total of zero. His holds are at an impressive zero number as well. Not much time in the pen.
  • In 129 games started, he’s lasted 9 innings once.
  • He gives up 9.8 hits per 9 innings as a career average
  • He had once single start for the Yankees in 2005 and lasted 1 inning (6ER)
  • He has a career.351 OBP against
  • He is 5’11 and weighs a hefty 230 pounds. I’m personally 6 foot tall and know I need a diet when I reach 185.
  • Number 8 hitters are batting .256 off him in his career with an OBP of .396
  • He has walked the #8 hitter 7 more times in his career than anyone else in the lineup.
  • Tim Redding makes $2,250,000. Wow. If I made that much I’d eat a lot too.

The Mets b-team got smacked around today by the Marlins and their ace. It’s not all bad as you need to lose sometime and their ace is a serious pitcher (He’ll be a Met, Red Sox or Yankee in no time). Today is really all about Tim Redding and how impossibly bad he is. I mean…. he’s REALLY bad.






Two other game notes:

  • Fernando Martinez got his first hit and ran like his life depend on it all day. I think the kid got the message…
  • Carlos Beltran left the game with the shits.

Really that’s all she wrote… tomorrow will be better because Tim Redding can’t throw.

Posted By Nik Kolidas


7 responses to “Someone please leave Tim Redding by the curb so sanitation can pick him up… (Mets lose to Fish 5/30/09)

  1. Redding was terrible and glad to know about Beltran, because he looked like shit hitting – this explains it.

  2. “Carlos Beltran left the game with the shits.” i nominate that for line of the year on

  3. By the way, can we stop going ape shit over the mets letting matt lindstrom go?

    the guy is closer in name only, he may be the worst closer in baseball and i dont think he’d even by the 7th inning guy on a lot of teams. when was the last time he had a good outing vs the mets? last night he was removed after giving up a run in the 9th……with the score 7-3. i know lindstrom had 2 solid years in florida prior to his struggles this year, but whenever i watch him i just dont believe in him. he strikes me as a one-pitch thrower and if he ever gets hurt or loses control, he’ll be out of the game quick

  4. Carlita out of the lineup today again with a tummy ache. I know I know Omar if it was Sept he’d be in there. Did he eat Sheffield’s leftovers from LA?

  5. Even Sheffield’s germs are tough.

    Matt Lindstrom isn’t all that great… I totally agree. That being said, he was one of a few pitchers we gave away for nothing that could have helped make the last two years not happen.

  6. You would know right…how many times have you pitched in a major leauge ball game? sounds to me like you are a jealous ASSHOLE. He might not be the best in league but he got there what can we say about you?

  7. Lisa,

    Tim Redding is a public figure that makes his money as an entertainer. With the surreal amount of money he brings in for his special skill set, he also opens himself up for public scrutiny.

    I realize he’s probably family to you and you’re hurt by reading stuff like this, but I also think you’re probably living a pretty comfortable life with him based on his chosen profession. We all have special skills in life and some people’s talents pay more than others. This is an uncomfortable side effect of such a public job. I’ve been ripped apart publicly too, so I do understand how that feels. I also have to deal with criticism daily…. it’s not easy.

    Tim was being judged on his pitching, which was terrible at the time and not so great the entire year. A high profile, major market team took him aboard and anointed him the 5th starter. You’re being foolish if you didn’t think the fan base was going to be uneasy with that. As nice a guy as he might be, the baseball card doesn’t lie.

    Perhaps it was a bit over the top, but at least I’m not hiding behind an anonymous online entity… this is me. My words aren’t personal… they are judging the baseball card and the public figure, not the man.


    P.S. A little advice, don’t google stuff about Tim Redding during a bad season on a disappointing Mets team if it hurts you to read negative criticism

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