The Shits strike again!

In response to the rash of diarrhea through the clubhouse, the Mets have signed US Colonel Sherman T Potter to oversea the infirmary. Today, Maine came out for the 7th, but needed to run back in before he Nestle Quicked his pants. The training staff managed to get Sofie the horse out of the Sterling- Citi latrine just in time for Maine to get in there and work some anal pitches. I hope they installed more than one bathroom in the clubhouse because it’s looks like it’s going around.

Posted By Nik Kolidas


7 responses to “The Shits strike again!

  1. ALthough only John Maine can “tough it out” and pitch 6 innings – Ms. Beltran couldn’t even pinch hit, in the Tatis AB, nor play an inning of defense.

  2. Mr. Maine did not have to poo until the exact moment he left the game..Ms.Carlita Beltran has it constant.

    They better clean the place and well too.

    The bathrooms did not pass my test yesterday. Dust on the ledges = unclean the rest. Short plane ride to Pitt hope the rest of the gang doesnt get it. Can you imagine gaving to call off a game due to this…Oh Lord, this has NY Mets and first’s written all over it…In closing lets tick the meter and change that pic please..thanks !!;)

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