J.J. is not DYNOMITE!

jjPlain and simple – anyone that has played baseball, above high school (or even at that level), should be able to see – J.J. is hurt. For a guy with a splitter like his not to throw one, let alone on a 0-2 count, screams HELP ME, I AM HURT.

I commend him for biting the bullet, but Mets’ management needs to do putz2something about this. Either J.J. should get some rest, pitch the 7th (Parnell 8th), or even the 6th (Stokes 7th). Pumping fastballs in the low 90s over and over won’t work in the show.

posted by Gene Anthony


2 responses to “J.J. is not DYNOMITE!

  1. I commend him for trying to pitch through the pain but if you’re not getting anyone out, then you’re not helping anyone; including yourself.

    Put him on the DL; Parnell can pitch the 8th. I don’t think there’s any other option at this point.

  2. not sure what Stokes did to Jerry or his family, but he is oddly left out of the mix. I worry a bit Dan about burning Parnell with so many appearances. That being said, he is the one righty, besides Frankie, that can come into the game in the middle of an inning and produce.

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