Mets win 3-2 as Pagan drops ball

Thank goodness the Mets are going to Pittsburgh instead of Arizona; at this rate they’d literally get snake bitten.

The Mets win a tight classic NL-style game and pull out the 3-2 victory as the Mets remain a 1/2 game back of the Phils as they enter June. They leave May behind with a 19-9 record despite losing Reyes, Delgado, Beltran, Church, and Cora for stretches due to injury or illness.

Illness and Injury were the theme again yesterday, as Beltran missed his 2nd straight game with a stomach virus. Maine was cruising through 6 innings, and actually appeared like he could be the 2nd Met to make it to the 8th as he had thrown only 82 pitches.

But sometimes despite the pitch counts, you gotta go when you gotta go. After releasing some wild pitches from his stomach between innings, he was unable to continue.

Feliciano, Putz, Parnell and K-rod held the Fish to 1 run, mostly due to Putz who has pitched like a Putz of late. Rumors abound he may lose his 8th inning role to Parnell. My opinion is that he is struggling through an injury, so we’ll see where that goes.

Could be worse. We could still have Heilman.

Or Benitez.

It wouldn’t be a Met game without an injury. After driving in a run on a double, Pagan left the game with “Right Groin Discomfort” (AKA, we have no idea what’s wrong until we do an MRI) chasing down a double in the 4th. It is why Pagan has not had a successful career in MLB as of yet: the guy just gets hurt all the time. Hopefully it will be a day-to-day injury instead of a day-to-day-oops-he’s-really-out-month injury. will keep you updated.

It is hard to tell what exactly happened to cause the groin injury. However, we at KinersKorner did get this exclusive videos from the game which gave multiple angles to the serious, and complete unfunny, injury.

F-Mart and Santos Claus drove in a run apiece for the Mets as they start a 4 game stretch in Pittsburgh. For their sake, I hope the plane or had more than one bathroom.

Posted by Robert Z


6 responses to “Mets win 3-2 as Pagan drops ball

  1. The video missed two key kicks to the groin- a Met fan standing there with a banner and the September 2006 and 2007 each nailing the peaches!

  2. My bad – I actually meant 07 and 08 — that’s what happens when you are hit in the groin!

  3. Shot through the heart, and you’re too late

    you give mets ball, a bad name.

    you were one win short, one play away

    you give mets love, a bad name

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