Trade Reyes? Really?


Right now the Mets are rolling and playing what many people consider their best baseball since 2006. They’re doing this without Carlos Delgado and Jose Reyes which is leading some people to believe that the Mets do not need these players to win. This is simply not true, the Mets are surviving right now without them but over the long haul they will need Reyes and Delgado to win a championship. The funny part,  is that some people actually believe the Mets are better off with Ramon Martinez at shortstop and think trading Reyes is something the Mets should look into. Some of the names being tossed around by these fans? Troy Tulotwiztki, Jack Wilson, and Johhny Peralta.

Now lets look at the stats for those players, the age of those players, and ask yourself; would the Mets really be better off with those players at shortstop instead of Reyes? The answer should be a resounding no. For whatever reason, Reyes has built an image as a punk, a hot dog, a guy who doesn’t care about his team, basically the baseball version of Terrell Owens. How outrageous is that? When I watch Reyes play I see the exact opposite, I see a guy who loves playing the game and sometimes tries too hard which leads to some of his base running mistakes. Reyes led the league in hits last year, is a perennial 60 stolen base threat, plays solid defense, and is the perfect fit for the large gaps of Citi Field. When Reyes reaches base he drives opposing pitchers crazy and is one of the few guys in baseball who basically has a double every time he draws a walk.

So why would people rather have Johnny Peralta, a guy who has a career .336 OBP and has 8 stolen bases in 7 seasons? Or, Jack Wilson who despite his great defense is 31 years old and has a career batting average of .268? I believe the answer is that some of these fans love to overrate there players and then underrate them when those players don’t reach there outrageous expectations. Reyes is still only 26 years old and has plenty of time to improve, but even if he doesn’t, he’s still one of the top 5 shortsops in baseball and will be for the next 10 years. Ramon Martinez, Jack Wilson, Johnny Peralta, and Troy Tulowitzki are not on his level and really aren’t even close. Lets think about what we have here in Reyes before we start trading him for average shortstops.

Posted by Anthony Agnese


4 responses to “Trade Reyes? Really?

  1. A) No one that has their own chant gets traded.

    B) No one that is on a potato chip bag in their teams uni gets traded.

    C) No one named Jose Reyes ever gets traded or else.

    D) Ramon E, please.

    This is an actual post written by someone in that “other place”.

    “This was the weekend that the curtain came down and I finally saw right through Jose Reyes.”

    I hate to admit this, I saved it, made it sound like the guy was arrested for a major crime.

  2. Bravo.

    Grass is always Greener i guess.

    the amazing thing is you’ll be hard pressed to find a better combo of offense and defense at short, especially at his age. Hanley ramirez should be everyone’s #1, but sooner or later he’s going to need to switch positions. Rollins has up and down years and is living off of his MVP year in many people’s eyes.

    jeter is jeter. you dont need to say anything more.

    i’m really struggling to come up with that combo of offense and defense. orlando cabrera and edgar renteria are there, but they’re past the prime older. rafael furcal is probably the closest, but he again is older.

    who am i missing?

    i know the big argument is addition by subtraction, but shortstop is arguably the 2nd hardest position to fill after catcher (ss or 2b. take your pick). why give up a guy who already is an all-star, has had seasons that compares to the like of TY F***ING COBB, and genuine appears to enjoy NY? even if he doesnt improve one iota he’s a great player.

  3. Raised expectations explains it. His numbers are unreal, especially for a franchise that hasn’t had many great offensive players – let alone, home grown ones. The Mets actually miss his defense more than his offense right now, although I’d argue that his presence at the top of the lineup changes the game.

    One thing about him in the lineup, beyond just his offense, is the way it helps others. Guys like Murphy or F-Mart would almost be ingnored in scouting sessions when someone like Reyes is in there – allowing others to sneak up on teams. Reyes is a “don’t let this guy beat you” player.

    In the end, fans are idiots when they try to become GMs- how many would have picked up Sheffield?

  4. and how many are already calling the seattle trade a failure?

    a) putz has a 3.81 era. that’s not terrible for an 8th inning guy at all. it’s disappointing for Putz, but he still has time to turn it even better. how many times did heilman turn it around the 2nd half.

    b) do you really believe that heilman would be any better as a met than he has as a cub? his era is 4.98 in 23 games. wouldnt shock me if he gets cut. reed and endy is a wash, and smith has either sucked (7.11 era in 6.1 innings) or hurt (out with strained rotator since may 2nd). so you can call him and green a wash.

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