Why I Will Never Take to Beltran

Carlos Beltran is out again with the stomach virus. The same one that John Maine pitched with yesterday, and wanted to keep going “right after he puked”. Speaking of puking, Beltran continues to disappoint me as a Met.

It always seems that if he can sit out he does. Yesterday was a prime example of needing him to either pinch hit, with first and third (Tatis’ AB) or play the outfield for a couple innings (for Pagan) or one (for Sheff). Nope, not Carlos – ala Carlita or Carlos(t). I remember him pulling this when Endy went down and the Mets needed him in center. It’s almost as if he doesn’t want to play less than 100% in case he fails to succeed. I wish we could bottle the feelings that a F-Mart (rookie) has or a veteran on his way out (Sheff) – those guys want to play ALL the time.

Beltran puts up great numbers, but I wish he’d “nut up” once in a while and put the team first. This was the problem that Chipper Jones had a few years ago when Smoltz told him “to get his ass out there and play” – and he did.

update: Beltran didn’t rear (yes I said rear) his head in this game – could have used his glove out there, but at least Sheffield was able to play the entire game on his 40 year old legs. Carlos is a gamer alright!
posted by Gene Anthony


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