A rebuttal to “Why I Will Never Take to Beltran”

You cannot change a person’s attitude towards someone. It doesn’t matter if it’s relationships, politics, or sports. However, in the interest of fairness I think it is wise to give another opinion of Carlos Beltran.

Carlos Beltran has been ailing with a bad stomach virus that has kept him out of the last 2 and a half games. One thing I must refute my friend Gene on is his statement that it is the same ailment that Maine had and who wanted to keep pitching. Beltran, like Maine, did attempt to play through it 3 games ago. We also do not know the severity of his stomach virus. I can only speak for myself, but I have no interest in seeing Carlos puke or make a mess of his pants on the field. I can only take so much Flushing jokes.

Also, while some may have the perception he does not do enough to stay in the lineup, the evidence actually says otherwise. In his 4 full seasons in the Big Apple Carlos has played in 151, 140, 144 and 157 games out of a possible 162. He has played 140 games or more every year except his injury-plagued 2000 season with the KC Royals.

I also don’t need to remind anyone of his horrific crash with Mike Cameron in 2005, during which Beltran played with bad knees and vertigo for the rest of the season. Beltran also has played through numerous injuries throughout his time in NY, especially to his knees.

During his time in NY he has won gold gloves and silver slugger awards. He hit 3 homers in the 2006 NLCS, but unfortunately is only remembered for making the last out looking at 3 straight nasty curveballs. An out that probably has cost him any sort of fondness from the Mets faithful.

Carlos or Carlita? You decide.


3 responses to “A rebuttal to “Why I Will Never Take to Beltran”

  1. What’s your point? Beltran ices his knee after every game too. Doesnt mean he should go out when he’s ill.

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