Trade Market Opens: Nate McLouth to Atlanta

On a day where it looked like no news would be forthcoming (aside from Beltran being in the lineup before tonight’s Pirates Mets game got rained out), a surprise bit of news came out of Pittsburgh.

No, David Wright didn’t slip in the shower and broke his leg.

No, Francisco Rodriguez’s back didn’t go out again.

No, Luis Castillo’s knees are still ok (seriously, who would’ve guess Luis would be one of the healthy ones?).

The news was about the the Pirates and the (sigh) Braves.

Atlanta traded 3 prospects, right-handed pitcher Charlie Morton, left-handed pitcher Jeff Locke and outfielder Gorkys Hernandez to Pittsburgh for Nate McLouth.

Welcome to Atlanta. Now do us a favor and suck.

Welcome to Atlanta. Now do us a favor and suck.

My first reaction, like yours probably, was SH*T, and why didn’t the Mets get him?

Then I looked at the deal more closely, and when I got over the name recognition, realized Nate is probably a very bad fit for NY and the deal may end up not working out for Atlanta.

McLouth is a young player, but not as young as i originally thought. He’ll be 28 by the end of the month. He is a very good defensive center fielder, and has a nice combo of speed and power.

With that said, his best year was last year, when he earned an all-star nod with a .276 average, 26 homers, 94 rbi’s and 23 steals. One could argue this was his only really good season. The year before he batted .258 with 13 HR, only 38 rbi’s and stole 22. With his defense that’s good, but not great.

This year he’s hitting .256 with 9 home runs, 34 rbi’s and 7 steals.

If I was a Braves fan I’d be a little worried about this deal. Defensively it’s a big upgrade. Atlanta’s Turner Field requires a strong defensive center field. Offensively, you have to wonder if bringing him to Atlanta from Pittsburgh will take away his power.

his career high in homers is 26. Pittsburgh is by no means a bandbox, but it’s not the pitchers park that Turner Field is.

It is why I always thought McLouth’s best fit would be the Yankees. They need a center fielder who’s strong on defense, and both the old and new Yankee stadium would’ve been perfect for the lefty’s power.

With McLouth’s lack of a strong batting average, if he can’t duplicate his home run total I think Atlanta is going to regret giving up 3 of their top 8 prospects (per Baseball America). I can only speak for myself, but I would not have used a similar haul from the Mets to get him.

The Mets know the dangers of forcing an accomplished center fielder to play the corner, and he would be the wrong fit for Citifield. Left field is the hardest to hit home runs out of, and the Mets need to focus on guys with high averages, on base percentage, and doubles power to be successful at this park. Guys with career averages of .260 are not going to be a good fit for the new stadium. McLouth would assuredly help during this time of injury, but in the end it’s too big of a haul and not the right fit.

Along with the trade Atlanta made some news by releasing former Met Tom Glavine. While the Mets need a 5th starter to replace Redding and Citifield is a good fit for the lefty, the Mets are best suited leaving well enough alone considering the way he left NY.

Stay Classy NY.

Posted by Robert Z


3 responses to “Trade Market Opens: Nate McLouth to Atlanta

  1. They couldn’t have traded this SOB before this series. The Mets need an outfielder that hits right handed.

  2. Got a feeling they’ll deal for jermaine dye at the deadline. i dont think he’ll cost too much since he’s a free agent.

  3. I love the Mets, but if they bring back Tom Glavine I’m not watching a another game this season.

    Jermaine Dye wouldn’t be a terrible pick-up. Rentals are cheap and we desperately need to replace Delgado’s offense.

    Any starters on the move come deadline-time not Jake Peavy?

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